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The Mucking Tip: A residents view

YOU have to admire the residents in this borough, who, concerned about a planning application, do their homework, research thoroughly and then are prepared to stand up and be counted as they make their presentation in a cogent and considered way in front of a committee.

An example of this was East Tilbury resident, Robert Hutson who spoke to the DC planning committee on Monday.

This is what Mr Hutson said:

“After listening to the Planning Officers’ submission, it would appear that his only reason for recommendation is that there appears to be no option, despite all the conditions laid down in the previously approved applications. Quite frankly this makes a farce of Planning Control by T.G.D.C.

Thurrock Council have already stated their opposition to this application and as the Planning Authority now responsible for the enforcement of Planning Control, it is only right and proper, and daresay I mention democratic, that their wishes are respected.

To get down to brass tacks, this is about money, pure and simple. Shortly after their last approval in 2006 Cory Environmental was sold for 350 million pounds more than the owners paid for it 2 years previously. I repeat an eye watering 350 million pounds. Not even bankers can get that kind of bonus.

It is disgraceful that the Planning Officer can recommend this application in total disregard of national Planning Policy. He quite correctly states there would be a breach of Planning conditions if not completed by 31st December this year. You should be aware that any breach of Planning Conditions is a prosecutable offence.

Quite frankly none of this application makes any sense when analysed. Inert material has been available in vast quantities over the last 5 years as the neighbouring East Tilbury Quarry site has had millions of tonnes deposited there, without planning permission, and approval recently given for a vast expansion to the site after assurances of availability of inert waste.

The Planning Officer recommends approval with 36 conditions stated with reasons summarised as phasing sequence, restoration and planting operation to be completed within the timescale. In fact this statement is quite familiar being used in the last approved application, the one before that and oh! The one before that in 1985 which was for complete restoration to a country park by the year 2000.

Rejection of this application should be the only course of action.”


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