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Irene Hewitt: In search of Michael…….She bore him but could not raise him

“I bore him but I could not raise him………..”

SOMEWHERE, OUT THERE, IS Michael. He probably isn’t called Michael. But he may well be out there. Living in Stanford-le-Hope or London or Paris or Vancouver. Anywhere……

But Tilbury’s Irene Hewitt hopes that somewhere out there is the boy she gave birth to on March 23rd 1967.

For ten days, she held him, loved him, cherished him. Even to this day, she can smell him.

And then, on the eleventh day, he was taken away from young Irene.

He was named Michael Bevan. Blonde hair, weighed in at nine pounds and born at Orsett hospital. His name may have been changed to Peter.

The story is told in this ten minute film. The social conventions and tale of human tragedy feels like a life time ago. But this is not a time for regrets.

Irene has prepared herself for every eventuality but would like some form of closure and perhaps some form of opening.

And time is of the essence. Iren has an eye condition which means she is slowly losing her sight and it could be hereditary.

Someone out there knows the answer. There was a road, perhaps in Stanford-le-Hope but it could be anywhere, where one day, a new baby arrived. It could have been to a young couple but a neighbour may have thought it strange that she never appeared pregnant or it could have been to an older couple who may have been child-less.

Irene believes that her parents and aunt organised the adoption. Her aunt’s former insurer Mr Connolly was involved in the process. It is possible he could of been adopted by his sister or a relative of his.

If you have any information, then you can email p.hewitt17@talktalk.net or e mail yourthurrock@mac.com


  1. Dear Irene.

    Very best wishes in your ongoing search for your son, we have everything crossed for you.

    Jim and Audrey


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