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Council announce new look: Lets Talk

THE NEXT Thurrock’s Future — Let’s Talk event will be held on Tuesday, 6 December, at the Warren Primary School in Chafford Hundred.

The event, which is open to all, is the sixth in a series but will take a slightly different format.

Starting at 7pm sharp in the hall of the Gilbert Road school, Thurrock Council chief executive Graham Farrant will open with a brief overview of the regeneration opportunities and challenges facing Thurrock over the coming decade.

Packs with details of the proposed council 2012-2013 budget will also be available at the meeting and questions invited.

As well as the chief executive, Leader of the Council, Cllr John Kent, senior members of his administration and top council officials will also be at the two-hour event.

Following Mr Farrant’s presentation, questions from the floor will be invited and the event will close with a half-hour chance to mingle and talk with senior councillors and officers one-to-one over a cup of tea or coffee.

Cllr Kent said: “When I became Leader I felt that the council was too Grays-centred and wanted to get decision-making councillors and officers out into our various communities to explain our actions face-to-face with local people.

“Of the five meetings we’ve held so far, some have been packed and others less so, but I think those who came along appreciated our efforts.

“At the moment there are two major issues taking up much of our time — regeneration and the changing face of Thurrock over the coming ten or 20 years; and the budget.

“We want to hear people’s views on both subjects — and their questions too. But we also invite people to ask their own questions and to ask us about what they are concerned about.”


  1. After listening to Mr Farrants’s briefing last night at the Chadwell Forum, I thought that he was to too possitive about ”these exciting times” for Thurrock.
    New port with 10,000 jobs, expansion of Tilbury Docks with a sports centre as well, but with the loss of more green belt for housing to help pay for it.
    Three laneing the A13, traffic lights at the Orsett Cock roundabout, improving junctions 30/31 on the M25.
    Building a new college in Grays where most people hate, the building of anouther 20,000 homes.
    It went on and on, until it became scarey!
    Thurrock can’t cope with the traffic now, what will it be like in ten years time?
    As for relocating local business to keep the heavy lorries away from residential area, how much will that cost?!
    Not so much ”exciting times” Mr Farrant, more VERY WORRYING TIMES!

  2. Let’s talk, let’s hear your views and then let’s totally ignore them and do what we want anyway. Anybody expecting anything different?


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