Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Bulphan WI: The ladies of Bulphan can’t do without…….long johns?

At a packed at busy AGM, Bulphan WI members furthered their campaign to love their library by questioning Les Billingham and Angela Hogg, who are Thurrock Council officers responsible for the vision for Thurrock libraries. We welcome this opportunity to be consulted on our ideas for maintaining quality library services whilst facing stringent financial cuts from central government.

We emphasised the importance of the mobile library service to our villages and were pleased to hear that although other community services may be co-located in libraries, reading and borrowing books will still be the principle activity. Borough-wide consultation will be launched in February 2012 when the WI will also be campaigning in imaginative ways.

We welcomed visitor Caroline, and returning member Rose. Irene and Chris will be our readers at the Group Carol Concert in St. Katherine’s in East Tilbury, and Janet will be the organist. Carol will lead a group in dressing a tree at Hyde Hall with Christmas decorations made from recycled materials and there will be also be a Christmas lunch outing at Hyde Hall in December.

Following the adoption of the usual reports, last year’s committee and President were re-elected and we had a welcome cup of tea before the highlight of the evening: every member had been asked to bring (or just tell us about) something they could not do without. The items ranged from the techie ones (computer, mobile phone, radio, hair straighteners), the useful ones (diary, bus pass, reading glasses’ chain, walking stick, car, set of steps, sewing machine), the comforting ones (a pure merino wool blanket, tea bags, comfy shoes), loved ones (children, grandchildren, dogs), the frivolous ones (lipstick, eyelash strengthener, earrings), the inspirational (personal challenges) and the cheeky (a black see-through bra and seasonal underwear – thermal Long Johns, bloomers and a teddy)

We will have a potluck Christmas supper, seasonal quiz and carols at our December meeting and the exciting and varied programme for next year will be revealed.

We currently have more members than ever, but still plenty of room for visitors and new members. Why not come along to our Christmas meeting aat 7.30pm on Wednesday, 14th December? (Don’t forget your small plate of food for the buffet table!)

Janet McCheyne

Proud to be President of a fine body of women


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