Thursday, May 30, 2024

Flashdance comes to Ormiston Park

ORMISTON Park Academy’s Year 9 girls have been busy practicing their unique street dance routine in preparation for the Essex Street Dance competition.

Little do the competitors know, OPA’s girls have set their sights high and put together a unique take on street dance and have incorporated some feminine body popping, something of which they feel is going to wow the judges.

Body popping is a Los Angeles street dance and is the equivalent to the acrobatic “break dancing” that steals the new “Flashdance” movie. The dance requires strength, stamina and flexibility and incorporates martial arts moves and acrobatics.

The OPA’s girls’ individual style of dancing have fused together routines that have been carried out with the latest tunes and lighting effects, making them unique and dynamic for their body popping.

Their whole staging is beautifully choreographed, despite the fact that it is street dance, which includes body popping. The 15 amateur dancers concentrate on fresh, up-to-date street dancing and have managed to put their professional routines together after just 2 sessions with professional dancers.

A parent of an Ormiston Park Academy student who watched the rehearsals said, “watching their routine was like watching a real-life videogame, very very entertaining. They deserve to win.”


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