Thurrock students pledge to combat climate change

MORE than 195 students from schools across Tilbury have vowed to play their part in combating Climate Change by participating in an npower Climate Cops Academy.

MP Stephen Metcalfe joined pupils from East Tilbury Junior School for the final Climate Cop Academy in the region. The group of 87 students from Year 5 were shown some simple ways to save energy in an exciting and engaging way. The interactive day was filled with activities including generating electricity with body movement, working with miniature examples of renewable energy sources, using thermal imaging cameras to see how much heat is emitted from the human body and the effects of insulation.

Pupils and teachers from East Tilbury Junior School were thrilled to welcome the Climate Cop Academy to the school, Mr Griffiths – Interim Headteacher said “The children really enjoyed the day; it taught them about climate change and saving energy in a fun, engaging way. They’ve learnt some simple ways to conserve energy that will make a big difference to the school, their homes and the environment.”

The Climate Cops also spent a day at, St Mary’s RC School and Chadwell St Mary Primary School- leading more than 195 children through a fun packed day, teaching them some simple ways of saving energy and money.

Clare McDougall, head of community and education at npower is delighted with the enthusiastic response by teachers and pupils, saying: “It’s wonderful that the Climate Cops programme is helping schools across the UK to become greener and more sustainable and is inspiring young people to get involved in energy efficiency, themselves.”

Stephen Metcalfe MP said, “With increased demand from economies such as China and India and the price of energy worldwide rising, this project gives children the knowledge they need to save money and of course preserve scarce natural resources such as oil and gas.

“Telling them about keeping their costs down when they become adults is great, but I suspect their parents will also be pleased that the students now know why it is so important to switch off unused lights and turn TVs off properly to avoid unnecessary consumption and bigger bills.

“I would like to thank Npower for sponsoring this programme and hope to see it repeated again in the near future.”

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