Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Thurrock MP backs Harlow MP over fuel duty motion

THURROCK MP JACKIE Doyle Price was one of 100 signatories to a motion tabled in the House of Commons that aims to cut duty on fuel

Harlow MP Robert Halfon obtained more than 100,000 signatories needed to trigger the debate.

Essex FSB Chairman, Iain Wicks, said: “There is no doubt from the evidence given to us by our members that the high cost of fuel is causing major concerns for many businesses in Essex, Havering and Redbridge.

“Every time there is an increase in fuel duty the Government then gets an additional 20 per cent as VAT is applied so it is double taxation on motorists.

“The high cost of fuel is one which businesses have to absorb in the current economic climate which is undermining profitability, leading to job losses and stifling business growth.

The motion from Mr Halfon read:

“That this House welcomes the 1p cut in fuel duty at the 2011 Budget, the abolition of the fuel tax escalator, the establishment of a fair fuel stabiliser and the Government’s acknowledgement that high petrol and diesel prices are a serious problem.

Notes that in the context of the Government’s efforts to tackle the deficit and put the public finances on a sustainable path, ensuring stable tax revenues is vital for sustainable growth; however, believes that high fuel prices are causing immense difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises vital to economic recovery…”


  1. This debate has been going on for years and years and no govenment has moved to lower the unfair duty that we are paying at the pumps, over 60% of the price we pay is a levy for the government with Tax and VAT.

    Obvioulsy if they reduce from Fuel they will only place it onto something else to recoup the money, we need a fairer system in place with lower fuel prices and get rid of Vehicle Tax and place a penny on a litre therefore those who use the roads more pay more.

  2. Wrap it up what ever way you like, but these Tories are now turning in on their own just in an attempt to save their chances at the next public vote. The one where we say bye bye and good riddance to them for destroying our elderly and kids health prosperity and well being.

  3. I suppose you are right Colin, the same as we all said goodby the the Labour government who threw the countries economy down the drain along with every public service that used to work in this country, thing is now ho do we vote for? Labour wasters or Tory wasters does not leave a lot really does it???


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