Monday, February 26, 2024

Ockendon residents meet over noise levels on M25

THE M25 celebrated its silver jubilee recently. But they weren’t exactly popping the champagne bottles over on Humber Drive and other streets on South Ockendon where the increasing traffic has caused noise levels to increase.

Before people say: Did they not know it was there when they moved in. The campaigners have stressed that it is about the increasing noise and the opportunity to have sound proofing at the edge of the motorway as on other stretches.

Residents and councillors gathered last night (Wednesday) to discuss the matter. Before hand, we spoke to spokesperson Lea Tyler about the noise.


  1. I dont see why sound barriers cant be put up here. The motorway is very close to houses so I put this decision to not have barriers here as the Highways Agency thinking that Thurrock is not worth sound proofing.

  2. The answer was given several monthas ago by the person in charge of the work that was being carried out, he said that he had a budget of only £6 million pounds to improve the the motorway M25 and the junction with the A13, he said he was putting in another lane on the motorway, and there wasnt enough funds to put up wooden or trees as a barrier against the noise from the motorway, after all he stated the motorway as been here over twenty years now, so I took it that was that, I do feel sorry for the residents of Humber Avenue, but we who live along Stifford Road also live with the constant buzzing sounds coming from the M25, and from 250+ lorries on Stifford Road on a 24/7 basis + the Essex Arena etc, its just a pity the ordinary resident isnt listerned to, until it comes to the local election time, when we get promised evrything, and get nothing, nothing new there then, we can only keep shouting out the truth and hope eventuly somebody will listern, and help us all, not for gain but for the job they were elected to do.


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