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The Quiet Woman: Labour candidate Anne Marie Waters sets her stall out

TWO WEEKS AGO, NOBODY in Thurrock had ever heard of Streatham-based Anne Marie Waters. But that was until Labour attempted to turn the selection of a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Thurrock constituency into that episode of Blackadder where Baldrick stands against a daschund called Colin.

Indeed, four months ago, YT was told that a large number of card carrying Labour members would be heading to Thurrock to attempt to be selected for a seat with a 92 Tory majority and just 20 miles from the House of Commons. Dawn Butler, Sally Bercow to name just two and indeed, when Dianne Abbot turned up in the Homesteads to help out with the local elections, you could feel the troops massing on the border.

And at that time, a number of local candidates were also considering their options.

And then came the first rounds of selection on the November 12th in front of a committee.

YT understands that there was only eight on the all-women list: one was a man! two others hadn’t completely rubbed out the name of town on the previous application they had made.

Andrew Mackinlay’s daughter, Sarah put in a below-par performance but by now, many started to get the feeling that Sarah could have mashed up JFK’s inauguration speech, Elizabeth 1 at Tilbury and Churchill’s Blood, Sweat and Tears and still got the thumbs down by some quarters of the Thurrock members.

But somewhere along the line it looked like they needed a “Patsy” to contest the seat against Ed Miliband’s special advisor, Polly Billington.

Polly’s campaign has been a paragon of professionalism to some and to others a clinical expression of new labour political imperialism.

But as the weeks have gone by, the rank and file have started to become a little irritated at the image that they are the lumpenproletariat, expected to take part in less an election in the spirit of Kier Hardie and more in the spirit of polling in Pyongyang.

And so between now and December 3rd, Anne Marie and Polly will be doing battle to fight for the right to challenge Jackie Doyle Price.

YT caught up with Anne Marie down by the river in Tilbury to get a flavour of her political beliefs and how she will approach her campaign over the next two weeks.


  1. I still don’t know who she is…. She’s only a wannabe who IF elected, will sit on her backside and not do anything for the borough, just like this one and, just like the last one…. Will be quite happy to pick up her 5k a month though.

  2. Well the strapline certainly goes with the story, she is so quiet that I don’t think may people in Thurrock would have heard of her or indeed if she did get elected would hear from her again….

  3. truth not lies, that’s a bit harsh! For a start, you can’t pre judge what she will do purely on the fact that you don’t know who she is. That’s crazy talk. She could be a fantastic MP if she was elected. Also, you might not like the present and one before MP’s but one was a pretty good parliamentarian who did quite a few things for Thurrock and the country and one has not been there long enough to make any firm judgements on. Does it really matter if the candidate comes from Thurrock? I would imagine that a large percentage of current MP’s never came from their constituencies. The only thing I would hope is that, if elected to stand, they move into the borough.

  4. As one of the “lumpenproletariat” I was at a meeting of members of the Labour Party on 14th November, 2011 to meet the “short-listed candidates. The meeting was attended by the “usual suspects” i.e Councillors and self styled Thurrock Labour Party luminaries, though I did note some who were conspicuous by their absence. Where were you Cllrs Sue Gray Tony Fish and Morris-Cook? The Chairperson of the Consituency meeting declared “how pleased he was with the large turn-out of members”, he is very easily pleased as there were, at the most, 30 members present from a Thurrock Labour Party membership of hundreds. As to the Committee tasked with short-listing candidates, it was more akin to a cabal than a group of fair minded people. The summary elimination of Sarah Mackinlay was, to say the least, distasteful and appeared to be motivated, not by Ms Mackiinlay’s perceived short-comings, but by malevolence on the part of some members of the Committee. When challenged Cllr John Kent stated that Sarah Mackinlay had been eliminated as she did not meet with certain criteria thereby failing to score sufficient number of points needed to be short-listed. When further challenged Cllr Kent would not elaborate on the applied criteria except to say they were a statutory [Labour Party] obligation. Assuming that the criteria requires that Labour Parlimentary candidates must have a public school education and/or a University degree, does Cllr Kent think the same criteria should be applied to other political posts such as Councillors? I can only conclude that, if that were the case, the vast majority of seats in the Council Chamber would be empty. If the members of the cabal that met on 12th November, 2011 believes that Ms Anne Marie Waters is a “patsy”, i.e. a token contestant, they may well have made an error by ignoring her qualities and credentials as a serious contender. Ms Polly Billington and her supporters could find the contest tougher than they expected. I urge all members of the Labour Party in Thurrock to submit their postal vote or attend the meeting on 4th December, 2011 to ensure that our Parliamentary candidate is chosen by all members of the Party not imposed upon us by a cabal.

  5. Please amend the date of the meeting to Saturday 3rd December, 2011. My apologies for any confusion caused. I have also learned how to spell Constituency.


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