Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Tories accuse Labour leader of going back on his word over alcohol zones

CONSERVATIVE Councillors in Little Thurrock have accused Labour Leader John Kent of going back on his word over consultation on the designated public place order in Little Thurrock and Ockendon.

Cllr Kelly said “I asked Cllr Kent if consultation on the DPPO would be readily available in a number of formats. The consultation started last week and on checking the Councils website I couldn’t find any reference to it.

“Had it not been for a link to a different website sent to me by a council officer I would not have found it. When I did get to right site there was no mention of being able to download a form or when residents can pick up a paper copy.”

The Designated Public place orders have seen controversy with Council reports say there is no evidence. But recent press stories from a shop owner in Lodge Lane list anti social behaviour over the past year and the police seizing the equivalent of 30 pints of beer after putting a dispersal order in the Little Thurrock.

Fellow Councillor Rob Gledhill said “Since the orders were requested by full Council we have seen long delays in taking it forward, a lack of support from most Labour members on the Licensing Committee and now the consultation not being readily accessible. I think this raises questions as to the Labour administrations commitment to consultation and reducing the impact of anti social behaviour on our residents. I think the least they can do is put a link on the website and extend the consultation to give residents a chance to comment.”


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