Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lakeside sponsor ” Look Good, Feel Good” day at hospital

LAKESIDE Shopping Centre has been continuing its series of 21 Good Deeds by sponsoring a “Look Good…Feel Better” workshop at Southend Hospital.

The therapeutic and psychological benefits of women wearing make-up have been well-documented and the “Look Good…Feel Better” programme at Southend Hospital helps women cope with the visible side-effects of cancer treatments through free skincare and make-up workshops.

Sophie Scott, Marketing Manager for Lakeside, says; “We were honoured to be able to sponsor one of these morale-boosting and informative sessions at Southend Hospital. The workshops provide a real source of support by bringing together small groups women; it’s exactly the kind of cause we hoped to support with our 21 Good Deeds campaign.”

Lakeside’s 21 Good Deeds, part of the centre’s 21st birthday celebrations, are helping local charities with donations and funding. The Lakeside team are also getting out and about, doing all they can to help with a number of hands-on projects. For more information, please visit


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