Sunday, December 3, 2023

Strike: Union bosses warn: “We will strike again and again and again!”

WORKERS FROM variety of organisations in Thurrock gathered in the main square in Basildon shopping centre to protest at the threats to their pensions on a day of action not seen in thirty years.

A number of key speakers made impassioned pleas to the government as well as a number of stark warnings.

Member of Essex Unison, Nick Bradley warned that they would strike “Again and again and again and again.”

In the borough, there was little evidence of any picketing or protesting with the council offices giving the appearance of life going on as normal.

Most senior schools were open in one form or another whilst many strikers headed to demonstrations in London.


  1. Good that’s more money saved. By the time they’ve stopped striking The country should be able to save a couple of hundred million in saved wages. The pension changes will still be implemented so its a win win.

  2. Nick Bradley, a deluded Dinosaur Socialist. I hope he is suitably embarrassed by his Strike and strike again rhetoric.

  3. Growler, another ridiculous comment from (I guess) a left winger, with nothing to say about the story so instead attacks the poster’s. Try coming up with an intelligent response as to why it will be the right thiong to do to Strike and strike again.

  4. A strike mat raise a profile but will sadly damage the Union / Workers as long as a message is not delivered with the walkout. Pension Poverty will affect all. The loss of Private Pensions has gone unnoticed. Though an article of March 10th from the Economist still worth reading. I work in the 3rd Sector and a good pension, public service, against poor pay was my reasons for leaving the private sector. But Pension Poverty will eefect us all. Time for everyone to think about their futures.


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