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Eddie Izzard (and a little help from Twitter) help find Tilbury ten-year-old

WHEN ten-year-old “Jessica” from Tilbury went round to her friends, she didn’t realise that she would spark a search that would end up with the police helicopter scouring the area but also a twitter appeal that ended with comedian and film star, Eddie Izzard also tweeting that she had been missing.

The girl went missing at just after 7pm on Saturday Dec 3rd.

Officers from Essex Police searched the area for her. They were soon joined by the police helicopter which scoured the area.

After a couple of hours had passed, someone put a message on Twitter stating: “Ten year old girl missing in Tilbury, UK. Name Jessica wearing pink fleece. If you see her contact police immediately 999. Please Retweet”

Eddie Izzard has 2,143,968 followers and followers certainly did. Before you knew it, hundreds of followers had retweeted the message including comedian Simon Evans, Simon Armitage and people from all over the world including USA, Indonesia and Australia.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “The girl was found safe and well, three hours after the initial call.”

It is understood she was at a friends house nearby.

The trouble is the message is still being passed on: as YT was writing this story, eighteen hours after “Jessica” went missing, “pryerlee” re-tweeted the message.


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