Polly Billington selected to fight for Labour in Thurrock

ED MILIBAND’S special advisor, Polly Billington has been selected as Labour’s candidate at the next general election.

In the end it was a comfortable victory (YT believes it was 98 to 26).

The hustings and the vote took place at St Thomas’ church hall in East Thurrock Road, Grays.

Ms Billington’s victory was followed by a large cheer by the gathered members.

It was certainly a very highly organised campaign by former journalist, Ms Billington which is hardly surprising as she was the architect behind Ed Miliband’s successful leadership campaign.

It is understood that she contacted every single member of the party and hall her presentations, were, according to sources, very well briefed.

Praise was also given to the losing candidate, Anne-Marie Waters who had also fought a good campaign, even up to the night before, where she was seen at the Tilbury christmas lights fayre.

YT spoke to Polly after the vote to gauge her reaction and to assess where the future battleground lay.

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