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Ormiston Park: Ofsted say “Good” and on the way to outstanding

ORMISTON Park Academy can now officially reveal its Ofsted results, revealing that it has been given the thumbs up after its latest Ofsted inspection.

Following the latest inspection that took place at the end of November, the school was awarded ‘Good with Outstanding features’ across many of the major standards, which is a remarkable achievement. 

The report is a glowing endorsement of Ormiston Park Academy, with particular mention of the high quality of learning, progress and achievement made and the high level of enjoyment and positive behaviour shown by their learners.

The school in Aveley was praised for producing pupils whose spiritual, moral, cultural and social development is exemplary.

They are however absolutely ecstatic to be given Outstanding for the standard,
of producing an outstanding promotion of equal opportunities, something of which they have always been proud of.

Head Teacher, Tess Walker said, “we have often been commended for our promotion of equal opportunities but it is a fantastic accolade to be awarded an outstanding standard by Ofsted and we are all very proud of this achievement.

The report also said: ‘This is a very happy school where pupils are exceptionally well cared for. They produce a culture and ethos where students are at the heart of everything the academy does, proving that every child really does matter.’

Head Teacher’s efforts were also commended. Ofsted: ‘The work of the passionate and visionary Principal has enabled students to significantly improve many of their academic outcomes.’

Tess Walker is very proud of the strong partnership between children, parents, staff and governors, which enables the school to flourish and is extremely pleased that a number of features of the school were recognised to be outstanding by Ofsted.

Ofsted also stated that the Academy is providing a good and rapidly improving education for its students. With all of the development that Ormiston Park Academy has been doing over the past few years, this achievement is certainly appreciated amongst its staff and truly shows that the hard work is paying off.

The report is concise but rigorous and thorough, with the main body of the report about 5 pages in length, which is standard under the new inspection framework. It is a very positive report and is accessible to the public- senior management are urging parents to take time to read it.

In addition, the Lead Inspector has written a letter to all pupils and students summarising the key outcomes of the inspection.

Head teacher Tess Walker said everyone at the school was extremely pleased with the Ofsted report. She said: “There has been a lot of hard work in the last few years. We’ve made some big steps but we have to maintain this standard as we have an exciting and busy future ahead.

We are confident that our school’s next Ofsted inspection will fall nothing short of an Outstanding.”


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