Unlimited ASBO imposed on Chadwell St Mary pensioner

Norman Rixson (64), of Haig Road, Chadwell St Mary, has been given an anti-social Behaviour Order following more than a year of incidents of neighbour nuisance.

The order was made following conviction of Rixson for criminal damage at a hearing in Basildon Magistrates Court on Wednesday 16th November 2011. He was given a conditional discharge for 18 months and ordered to pay £50 costs and £617 in compensation.

The court heard Rixson had made neighbours lives a misery through incidents of both verbal abuse and racial discrimination.

The ASBO was awarded for an unlimited time with the following conditions. The defendant must not:

* cause deliberate harassment, alarm or distress to any resident in Thurrock – including racist or defamatory remarks; gestures, name calling or swearing.

* deliberately start or run an engine in his back garden or otherwise to cause annoyance.

* set any fires which are designed to cause nuisance to any person.

* dump rubbish anywhere apart from prescribed waste receptacles. This includes ash, dust and garden waste.

* enter any property without the owner’s permission.

Thurrock Council Portfolio Holder for Community, Culture and Leisure Councillor Lynn Worrall said: “People have a right to be able to live in peace and without fear of harassment in their own homes. We will not tolerate neighbourhood nuisance and will continue to use the courts to punish anyone who is guilty of it.”

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