Monday, May 27, 2024

Sales scene say be “Safe seen” this Christmas and beyond

GRAYS business, Sales Scene, is taking the safety of its staff very seriously this Christmas.

Sales Scene, a social media marketing agency located right in the centre of Grays – has ordered personal safety alarms for all female staff as an early gift from Santa.

Boss Caroline Thomas ordered the trendy-looking personal alarms from Essex company Safe Girl Security following a spate of attacks on women in Essex in recent weeks and months.

“Relocating to the town centre has increased the need for safety awareness,” she says. “I wanted the alarms as a thank you present to my team for their hard work and also to get them thinking about their own personal safety as well.”

Sales Scene is also working with Safe Girl Security to highlight the personal safety for women message in general across the UK.

Andrea Clark, who runs the girly alarm company, says the pretty alarm designs mean young women have no problem carrying them around or hanging them off their handbags.

“Our alarms are personal safety tools, first and foremost, but they look fabulous too,” she says. “Lots of girls use them as cool accessories so it’s no hardship having them with you on a night out – and it’s great to have them as reassurance when you’re walking home.

To pick up safety tips for your Christmas night out visit the Safe Girl Security website: www.safe-girl.co.uk


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