Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Businessman’s plea to clean up Grays High Street

A GRAYS businessman is sick and tired of the state of Grays High Street and surrounding area. Tony Coughlin arranged to meet YT on a Saturday to discuss the decline of the area and what he intends to do about it.

Funnily enough, in the time that we were interviewing, we saw (what we perceived to be) at least two drug deals and one possible sale of illegal tobacco.

Tony is organising a petition as well as several other actions. We spoke to him about what motivated him to take action and whether he thinks it can succeed.


  1. Unfortunately Grays and other areas of Thurrock are in terminal decline. It’s no more than 5 years off the Ghetto’s of North, East and South London. Most people that you speak to that used to live in Grays only go there if they really have to. The current incumbent population don’t give a damn so this man will be like many before him and give up in a couple of months time.

  2. I applaud Mr Coughlin for standing up and doing something that TBC and Essex Police seem incapable of, he is right when he says that the police give out good Press Releases about putting more effort into patroling Grays but unfortunatley they never seem to back these statements up with action, many times I ahve seen alcohol being drunk in the Town Centre which is now supposed to be an alcohol free zone, also counterfeit DVD sales take place in the open along with tobacco and other substances.

    I have actually witnessed the police & PCSO’s walk straight past these offences and done nothing about it, the other problem is that a lot of people no longer have the respect for the place where they live anymore, rubbis his strewn across the streets even though bins are provided dog mess is left in the parks amongst other things.

    TBC have neglected the area and the decent residents of Grays and the surrounding areas for the past few years and should be bought to book over this, after all they give us all the big stories of what they will do once in office but like all politicians this is just a pack of blatant lies.

  3. Any effort to regenerate / assist Grays Town Centre must be applauded. Though I do think the lack of support from the public does wear people down in the end. Good Luck Mr Coughlin if you require any help please contact Little Thurrock Forum.


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