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Police called to care home after dispute between builders and council partners

A BUILDER who claims he has been brought to the edge of bankruptcy by the alleged failure of Thurrock Council’s strategic partner Europa to pay them on time was thwarted in attempts to reclaim materials from a Thurrock care home.

Brian Lane from Rayleigh-based Bridge Contracts and a colleague arrived at Collins House residential care home on Friday evening.

He told YT that they had been sub-contracted by Carey and Construction Ltd to do the job but Carey had gone into administration earlier in the week.

Relationships between the men and the care home management were cordial as they explained that they did not intend to take away anything that had already been built but only take unused materials.

But before they could do so, Essex Police arrived. Sgt Marc Jordan warned the builders that they could be arrested for theft.

A period of negotiation took place before Mr Lane left empty handed.

YT interviewed Mr Lane during “negotiations”

It appears that Mr Lane does not blame Thurrock Council but is dis-satisified with their service partner, Europa.

He said: “I have been in the business since I left school, some twenty odd years. I have a good reputation but have never encountered such difficulties in being paid as in Thurrock.

YT also spoke to Dan Carey of Carey and Co Construction Ltd. He informed YT that his company had gone into administration and that he had made a complaint to Thurrock Council regarding non-payment of invoices.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: “Thurrock Council has received a complaint and is investigating. The findings of that investigation will be passed to the complainant.”

A spokesperson for Europa said: “Europa are aware of the complaint and are cooperating fully with Thurrock Council who are currently carrying out an investigation in accordance with their complaints procedure”.



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