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Housing at Woodview a step closer after planning meeting

IT HAS BEEN a tale of two planning meetings. Whilst the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC) held a three hour meeting recently, the planning meeting of Thurrock Council was less than an hour.

It may be that the DC have only three months left until they hand back their planning powers to the council.

Either way, 2012 looks like an interesting time at the planning meetings.

Last nights (Thursdays) meeting kept very much to the script of “strategic responses” of matters that would be settled by the DC.

Among such matters was the case of 362 homes on the site of the South Essex College in Woodview, Grays.

South Essex College plan to demolish the campus in Grays in order to fund its new town centre campus in Grays.

A delegation of local residents attended at the meeting. Spokesperson Ray Abbott spoke at the meeting.

Mr Abbott said: “Much of the data they are using to support this application dates back to the census of 2001.

“Thurrock’s population has grown substantially in the last ten years. The effect of this application on Thurrock will be devastating.

Mr Abbott was supported by Blackshots councillor, Joy Redsell who made great stress of the strains the development would put on local infrastructure.

However, chair of planning, cllr Terry Hipsey commented that those gathered at the meeting may want to check the minutes of council cabinet meetings from January 2010.

At that meeting, the Conservative cabinet recommended the Local Development Framework (LDF). The LDF contains all the major planning developments for Thurrock over the next 20 years. The Woodview application was (and is) part of the LDF.

said the full council had approved a strategy document in January 2010, which signed off areas land for development in the borough, and Woodview “was one of them”.

Resident Ray Abbott spoke at the meeting against the plans. He said
Tory ward councillor Joy Redsell was at the meeting to support residents.


  1. why are sports fields such easy targets for developers?,when i was younger i played football on sunday mornings and now most of the grounds i played on have gone.,jurgens club in stonehouse lane,esso club on the purfleet by-pass,hillside club in south stifford,now the thurrock tech is going as well.grays athletics ground has makes you wonder whats next.

  2. They should also look at the North Grays Masterplan which quite clearly states in facts and figures that the 6 closest schools to Woodview could not accommodate the increase in children that 315 homes would bring to the area. Now they are talking about 362 homes but there are NO plans in action to improve the schooling infrastructure to accommodate our children. TBC should hang their heads in shame, a vote of approval was a vote to deny our children their education.

  3. Why don’t the Labour part have done with it and rename the borough the London Borough of Thurrock. I don’t find it surprising that the council would ignore trhe wishes of the residents living around the college. That’s par for the course. What a horrible man Terry Hipsey is. He deserts his beliefs and now fully backs a party that clearly has no regard for the people of Thurrock.

  4. In a few years time when this website is posting continual stories of our Boroughs children not being able find school places Terry Hipsey should be held to account and hang his head in shame along with the rest of the council members.

  5. This really is typical of housing developments and local councils, take Chafford really please take it 🙂 this was built up and built up until every bit of land contained a house, the schools that were originally built could not take all the local children, this was never thought of by the developers and the local council at the time.

    Again we see more family homes being erected all round thurrock and we don’t have the infrastructure in place to cope with these additiional people, Schools are already oversubscribed, Orsett Hospital is all but closed so you need to travel to Basildon or Darenth, parks for the children are left in dissaray and there is nothing local for them to do, nearest cinema is in lakeside and we don’t have any other leisure facillities unless you count Blackshots/Belhus which do not offer that much and all at a cost.

    Thurrock will soon become yet another over populated borough just like may of its neighbours in London, ghettos will spring up and crime will increase, it is a fact of life and the councils are too cash blind to notice these things.

  6. So who actually voted for this ldf ?. Why not turn up to tomorrow nights council meeting and demand those caring councillors who voted for the ldf two years ago and have now changed their minds. Have May 2012 elections anything to do with it ?.


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