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Council urge residents to drink safely this Christmas

IN the run up to Christmas party season, the message from Thurrock Council’s road safety team is to keep it a safe — don’t drink and drive and to try non-alcoholic wines and beers instead.

Drink-drive related incidents increase over the Christmas period and there is no failsafe guide to how much alcohol any person can drink and remain under the limit.

Any amount of alcohol can affect a driver’s judgement, so the advice to drivers is to not drink alcohol at all.

Visitors to Corringham town centre were invited to try a variety of non-alcoholic wines and beers on Tuesday (13 December) when the team visited between 11am and 1pm.

The event was staged in conjunction with the Department of Transport’s annual Christmas anti drink-drive campaign with radio and television advertisements highlighting the key messages.

The campaign aims to convince drivers, with a particular focus on young male drivers aged 17 to 25 years, that a drink-drive conviction has the potential to ruin their life by a mixture of legal and personal consequences.

These include being caught and breathalysed by the police, a 12 month driving ban, a criminal record, a hefty fine and lifestyle changes i.e. potential loss of job, relationships or car.

Denise Langan, the council’s road safety manager said: “Drink-driving incidents occur all year round, but with Christmas nearly upon us it is time to take extra care.

“This is the time of year when many people are going out for pre-Christmas drinks, work parties and celebrations. We are urging people to think about designating a driver and organising transport home before they go out.”


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