Monday, May 20, 2024

Man trapped after car careers in garden in Fobbing

FIREFIGHTERS were called to an RTC involving one car which had left the roadway and ended up in a front garden. An 18 year old man was trapped in the vehicle.

Crews had dealt with the incident by 09:03hrs.

Station Officer Geoff Wheal from Corringham Fire Station said: “The car appears to have left the roadway after sliding on a patch of ice. The car had rolled on its side into a garden and the 18 year old driver was trapped.

Fire crews used cutting equipment to remove the roof of the vehicle to release him.

“At this time of year motorists need to take care on icy roads. Ice can be hard to see and as incidents like this show the effect of sliding on a patch of ice can be devastating.

“As the cold weather really begins to bite we will be seeing more and more icy roads throughout the county and motorists will need to make sure they take extra care and slow down a bit, especially on back roads.”


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