Monday, April 15, 2024

Fall back in love with reading

Thurrock’s libraries support all readers of all ages, and the service is targeting its next promotion at adults who want to get back into reading but do not know where to start.

If you think reading is dull and boring or feel you haven’t got time to read, the “6 book challenge” could change your mind, if not your life!.

It is a national challenge, encouraging adults to visit their library and explore exciting new books such as “Quick reads”. — full-length books available in bite-sized chunks, written by big name authors and celebrities such as Ruth Rendell, Lynda La Plante, Chris Ryan, Ian Rankin, Andy McNab, James Caan and Gordon Ramsay.

The challenge runs from January to June and joining is easy.

You can visit your local library, sign up and get your reading diary, a free gift and advice on where to start.

The challenge is open to workplaces as well as individuals.

Read six books or more and as a sign of your achievement you will receive a certificate and the chance to enter a national prize draw.

There are also book swap days to be planned in February so that those who are signed up can recommend and be recommended new titles to try.


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