Friday, April 19, 2024

Buy rail tickets now to save hundreds of pounds urges Labour candidate

LABOUR’S parliamentary spokeswoman for Thurrock is urging commuters to buy their season tickets a few days early to save money on the fare hikes that will come in next week.

Polly Billington says: “These fare rises are really going to put pressure on people’s wallets. The Tory-led government’s decision to do this shows they are out of touch with the cost of living crisis facing commuters in Thurrock.

“Some of the most hard-pressed working people will end up paying more than a hundred pounds extra next year just to get to work when the fares go up in January. That is not the way to get the economy moving.

“These fare rises are the direct consequence of the government’s decision to cut too far and too fast, and travellers are paying more to plug the gap in the transport budget. With train fares set to rise four times faster than wages in the next year, Ministers should think again and give commuters a break.

“It’s worth people remembering that their local Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price supports these price rises which make life harder for her own constituents.

“I will be campaigning with Labour Party members and others for a fairer deal for train users.

“In the meantime there is a way to save a bit of money; if you can, get your season ticket early and pay for it at 20011 prices up to 1st January.

“It will save the difference between this year’s prices and next year’s. As a Grays resident and regular commuter I will be making any saving I can in the face of these horrendous fare hikes and I urge other commuters to do the same.”

For a monthly season ticket from Grays to London that means a saving of over £10. For an annual season ticket from Grays to London that means a saving of as much as £112.


  1. Because train fares never went up relentlessly under Labour did they? Council tax never soared to stupidly high levels? Stealth taxes were a figment of our imagination under Labour weren’t they? And it’s not a Tory-led Government, it’s a coalition, I am tired of hearing the same old claptrap from Labour. The thing is, she does have a point about the hike in rail fares, they are too high given the times we find ourselves in. It just doesn’t help that she has to wrap up her criticism’s in the same, tired, old Labour cliches we are sick to death of hearing. Find a new record, or shut up.

  2. jmw118, can’t argue with the message so shoot the messenger eh? Another crusty old socialist trick. If you can’t come up with a proper, constructive, point why bother posting at all?

  3. I think JMW118’s point was that Gray64 is on here banging on about reading the “same old claptrap from Labour” and noting – quite correctly – that Gray64 always responds with his own brand of claptrap. Unfortunately, Gray64 is a bit too tied up in his dogmatism to see this point!
    It’s quite amusing really.

  4. The sister may as well have said dogs bark. Huge numbers of commuters already buy their season tickets before fare rises come into effect. Theyve been doing this for years regardless of who is in power. Neither party gives a damn about commuters. They just want them to fund the railways. The rest of what she says is as Grays64 says, old Labour claptrap.Perhaps sister Polly should point out the 80% fare rises while Labour were in power. Perhaps she should remind commuters and her suppoprters of John Prescott’s speech when he was transport minister, “if we want great railways we have to pay for it and it is wrong to ask taxpayers to subsidise it”. By which he meant that the biggest users of the railways should pick up the tab. Pretty shabby points scoring from the Labour sister with absolutely no sincerity for the plight of the working public. And she’s suddenly become a Grays resident. How humble of her.

  5. grays64, I couln’td argue myself out of a paper bag, just not clever enough really, having been educated at Torells Boys school in the 60’s.
    But after all this site is for comments which I was only doing.

  6. Wow, a bit of insight from Polly Billington, why have I never thought of buying my tickets before the price rises, thanks for the heads up…………. yet more political spin from the party who almost bankrupt the country, oh how they forget so soon.


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