Labour councillor comes to defence of MP Diane Abbott over twitter storm

RADICAL Labour councillor Aaron Kiely has come to the defence of Hackney Labour MP Diane Abbott over the comments she made on Twitter.

Ms Abbott caused a storm of protest with her tweet that: (Responding to criticism of the term “black community leaders”) ‘White people love playing ‘divide & rule’ We should not play their game’.

Cllr Kiely entered into the debate with several comments on twitter including:

“It says it all that in the aftermath of conviction of Lawrence killers @HackneyAbbott is vilified for daring to discuss racism & colonialism.”

The twitter account @HackneyAbbott (which we believe is Ms Abbott) replied “You are so right @aaronkiely.”

Cllr Kiely also went on BBC RadioFivelive to comment on the controversy.

Speaking to YT, cllr Kiely said: “We should have all put this in perspective as this is the week that Stephen Lawrence’s killers were jailed and we are now meant to be discussing whether a black MP is racist or not!

“The whole framework is wrong and we should should be discussing how we implement MacPherson report and prevent racist murders.”

Ockendon councillor has hit the ground running in 2012, heading up to London to campaign against rail fares as well as meet and greet, legendary US black activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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