Saturday, March 2, 2024

Is another bridge the right solution for Lower Thames Crossing? asks Essex FSB

ESSEX FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) is challenging the Department for Transport to demonstrate why a bridge is the right solution for a new Lower Thames Crossing linked Tilbury and Gravesend after two days of traffic chaos when the QE2 Bridge at Dartford was closed due to high winds.

Essex FSB Chairman, Iain Wicks, said: “This week we have seen two days of traffic chaos across south Essex and north Kent when the Highways Agency closed the Dartford Crossing Bridge due to high winds.

“Clearly safety must come first so the decision can be understood but the knock on effects on the road network were horrendous with long queues on the M25 itself as well as the A13, A127 and A2 causing major delays for motorists and costing businesses thousands of pounds.

“The Department for Transport is currently considering plans to build a new bridge crossing the River Thames between Tilbury and Gravesend to ease traffic congestion but the experiences of this week suggest that another bridge would suffer similar problems.

“It is pointless building a new bridge if it then has to be closed every time there is gusting winds so Essex FSB is challenging the Department for Transport to explain why it thinks a bridge is the best solution and how it will be designed so it can continue to be used by traffic when the wind is blowing!”


  1. The only reason there are traffic jams at the Dartford crossing is because traffic has to stop for the toll booths. Get rid of them and traffic will flow,. There is no need for another crossing costing loads of money. The solution is so blooming obvious is beggars belief that another crossing is even being considered. It would take a fraction of the time to remove the barriers compared to constructing another bridge.


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