Friday, December 8, 2023

Labour MEP to head urgent talks at Petroplus

A NETWORK of energy trade unions and politicians from across Europe is working to help the struggling oil company Petroplus safeguard jobs at the Coryton Refinery.

The company owns the Coryton Refinery in Stanford-le-Hope and has already been forced temporarily to close three of its refineries in Europe after its credit lines were frozen.

This week in Brussels Essex Labour MEP Richard Howitt called together energy unions from across Europe and instigated meetings with fellow MEPs from other European countries where Petroplus refineries have already shut down temporarily.

Richard Howitt MEP is leading this network of European unions and politicians in an attempt to help the company put a rescue plan in place and safeguard the jobs at Coryton.

The Essex MEP Richard Howitt will meet with the management and unions at the Coryton refinery to report back on the talks in Brussels and to hear the concerns of those directly affected at the plant.

Richard Howitt MEP says,

“The very local threat to jobs at Coryton hinges on a Swiss-based company with refineries across Europe coming up with a credit financial rescue plan in order to continue in operation.

“Trade unions and fellow politicians across Europe want to see the company come up with this rescue plan and safeguard jobs, not just at Coryton but also in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

“My visit to see management and workers at the refinery is to hear their concerns directly and to report what action is being taken at a European level to avert the potential loss of jobs.”


  1. Are Petroplus aware that he is coming, if not, might I recommend that they check the back of all vans entering the site.

    Even if had and talent or skills, I very much doubt Richard Howitt is any position to do anything. As for the unions, they’re usually the ones damaging the companies’ survivability.


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