Saturday, April 13, 2024

“Tag council officers” says former council leader

WE WOULD like to think that former council leader, Andy Smith had his tongue planted firmly in his cheek when he said it but as we have not seen the West Thurrock councillor on the comedy circuit of late, we will take it the way most of the officers in the room and reading this did.

During a debate on the (now shelved) CCTV car, deputy leader cllr Val Morris-Cook mentioned that an assessment on the work of civil enforcement officers (CEO) might involve some form of time and motion analysis involving GPS or indeed tagging.

Cllr Smith, who appeared to be spoiling for a fight all night interjected and said:

“Perhaps we could roll out the proposal to council officers and electronically tag them so we can monitor their movements.”

The comment crystallised a divergence of opinion in the group as how to work with council officers. Some in the labour group are concerned that council leader John Kent’s style is too conciliatory.

A source close to YT said: “You may not like cllr Smith’s style but when your house has not been repaired for weeks, when your council tax inquiry remains unanswered and the officer seems to be “away from their desk” for weeks on end, then maybe you think he has a point.


  1. I think Andy Smits idea is great, at least that way we can then tell where these people are when they don’t attend full council meetings 🙂


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