Sunday, May 19, 2024

Report recommends four year election cycles in Thurrock

A REPORT on the performance levels of Thurrock Council has recommended that the council moves to elections every four years.

The Peer group inspectors led by chief executive of Merton, Ged Curran believed that it was in the interests of demcoracy and smooth governance.

At the moment there are elections by thirds, that is: 2010, 2011, 2012, then a “fallow” year. The process then begins again.

The report recognised the difficulties the borough has had with no overall control.

At the moment, the council is divided 24 Labour, 22 Conservative and two independent (who usually vote with the Conservative group).

The report stated: “The current election cycle also provides challenges for the political stability of Thurrock Council and there is an opportunity amongst the political leadership to lead by example and formally request a move towards four yearly elections.”

Although the issue was on the agenda for the cabinet on Wednesday night, it was not discussed.


  1. Interesting idea. I’m not sure that changing the election cycle will necessarily result in more “stability”. We could quite easily be stuck with No Overall Control for four years, instead of just one! Surely when the balance of power is so fine, it’s better to ensure voters have the choice, rather than giving a party power for four years even if they have only marginally won?

  2. I agree with you Ben Gadsby, lets wait and see what Lambo and upthereds have to say. you can bet it will be interesting reading.


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