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Grant’s Blog: “The Olympics isn’t just for the English…….”

TWO HUNDRED days to go and the tangible excitement of the Olympics have yet to register a mutter up here. Saying that we should be having the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and I’ve yet to see anything to encourage interest, but, god love our local council… who have installed a huge TV set in the centre of Edinburgh with a countdown clock just to make sure we know what’s happening. The local jakies (ask Ed what this phrase means) are delighted to be able to sip special brew whilst watching 24 hour Sky TV and the local residents have even thanked them for ruining their lives.

Perhaps its due to the significant liver damage we have sustained following Hogmanay or the enduring jousting between the Boy Cameron and Fat Eck regarding devolution or maybe it’s the fact that the majority of us far Northerners (as distinguished from the North) really have very little interest in the Olympics, outwith watching the beach volleyball.

We have neither the weather nor the facilities to watch any world class standard of athletics. The annual world cup cross country or the 10K invitation is as close as we get and crowds of less than 200 regularly brave the driving sleet to watch some (1 or 2) world class runners career round a mud covered park whilst avoiding the perils of hypothermia. It is televised and this is perhaps the nub of our Olympic non interest.

It would be easy to mump and moan that yet again London has scored and been granted a licence to print money, but what’s the point. For us its all about engaging in what is arguably one of the most corrupt organisations in the world, possibly second only to FIFA, but it will bring benefit to some of the poorer areas of London, god knows Oxford Street needs help, sales down and the rich, struggling to find bargains.

For us the cost of travel, as with almost all commuters in England, is becoming prohibitive, (cheapest quote for a day return to London £237.00) that, along with the very limited allocation of tickets, to the North makes it a trip for the rich, famous, infamous and chinless flunkies of government.

Thus the nub, why would we venture to remove ourselves from a comfortable arena to head to London, to engage in the herding (of course if it all goes pear shaped kettling) of thousands to watch events that may last minutes, sometimes seconds, rather than sit in some park watching a huge screen, drinking beer and ensuring our livers remain a constant source of concern. Just like Scottish football, yes it still exists, we as a nation cant be bothered going to games, the cost, the weather, the facilities and the product simply aren’t worth it.

£12 a month to watch the footie on TV is a much better prospect and this is where we stand. Oh yes some merry few of us will travel to London , will even have a great time, but the majority will let the Olympics pass them by as a standard of why devolution is the vanguard of what we perceive as fairness, why be interested in something that is unfair.

Its not retribution for ‘66’ , or even the Poll Tax, its not even us going in the huff its more about our thinking that the Olympics should have been put into a Northern English Town rather than London, thus make it a fairer country. We want fairness in all things, devolution may well bankrupt us but who cares its time for us to give it a go and seek the freedom our ancestors sold for a few coins.

England would be a better place without us, mind you when we invaded York after Bannockburn the residents were pleased to see us, they invited us to stay … well some did, but its time for England and Scotland to become men, what do I possibly know about the England psyche, enough to know you have better things to spend your money on than us. Fairness and equality is what we ask but as the Olympics show they have nothing to do with being part of the UK. Mind you the North is getting a fast rail link soon, pity no one up there will be able to afford it.


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