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Sunday Comment: It’s still the economy stupid

The Economy

YT masks its ignorance of the economy (No you don’t-Ed) by often asking the question: “What does this mean to the man in the street?

Some say that Thurrock is better equipped than most to see out the recession. So perhaps what is happening at Petroplus will be a real litmus test for the borough.

Lakeside looked busy at Christmas and was really busy between Christmas and New Year but “the car park was busy” is hardly the most forensic form of economic analysis.

For every Next (no need for pre-Christmas sales) there were shops (Hawkins Bazaar) going into administration.

This is clearly going to be a pivotal year.

A Better Class of University

Earlier this week, we published figures that showed Thurrock had a lamentable number of its young people going on to the “better” universities.

The good news is that the problem is being addressed by more of the senior schools having sixth forms. Too many students are not ready for sixth form colleges and appear to get lost there.

Those figures will change in 2013 and onwards.

And a key to that is that the senior schools have a culture of aspiration, a can do feel to them, that others in the borough, could do well to learn from.


YT produced a plethora of news articles after Wednesday nights cabinet. There was lots to get your teeth into and lots of important items that were not commented on at all.

Labour looked like a team that needs a “refresh” in the transfer window. The team of eight was reduced to six (holiday and sick leave). Of those six, only three looked like they were in charge of their brief. Not a great return on over £200,000 of Thurrock Council taxpayers money).

The Tories were about and about on the streets of Corringham yesterday, perhaps delivering that message.


Our local MP, Jackie Doyle Price wrote an article in the Huffington Post where she called it “the perfect vehicle for empty vessels.”

There are two MP’s that we follow. One is Harlow MP, Robert Halfon (Cons). Robert uses twitter perfectly to show to one and all that he is totally embedded in the Harlow constituency. Robert loves Harlow. Another is Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy who also uses it to give a real taste of life in Walthamstow in 2012.


“I hope you die ref, I hope you die” The referee at Grays Ath v Redbridge had committed that most heinous of war crimes of sending Kenny Beaney off. The “fan” followed him around the ground and stood next to the club chairman as he continued his foul mouthed and despicable rant. “I hope you die”.

We have not heard what action has been taken but we do hope it is robust.




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