Saturday, May 25, 2024

Blinding sun another hazard as lorries thunder down to Mucking tip

FOR THOSE of you who have not followed the story regarding the Mucking tip and the objections made by local councillors and residents, then, one of the concerns is regarding the number of lorries thundering down the Walton Hall Road.

Martin Dalton of the Yellow Advertiser took a really good photo of two lorries passing each other and just a whisker away from each other.

On Friday, YT went down to the tip and when one of the lorries left, we followed it and filmed it as it travelled down the road until it got to Linford.

One of the added hazards is the low winter sun. It has been a lovely weekend but as you drive down that road, it really hits the windscreen.

It is just something to consider and may add to the residents and councillors concerns if this matter goes to the next stage.


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