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How to deal with health?

IN just over a year’s time — April 2013 — local councils like Thurrock will have new responsibilities for health and well-being and work is underway to start that work locally.

On Monday (9 January) the Thurrock Health and Well-Being Stakeholder Forum was launched at the Culver Centre in South Ockendon.

More than 100 people attended, representing a wide range of organisations and groups.

The forum was led by the chair of Thurrock’s shadow Health and Well-Being Board, Cllr Barbara Rice and by Graham Farrant, the council’s Chief Executive.

Delegates heard how the planned health reforms are likely to impact on Thurrock and they had a chance to take part in workshops linked to developing Thurrock’s refreshed Joint Strategic Needs Assessment which shapes the priorities for spending on health and well-being in Thurrock.

The forum enables any organisation or person with an interest or role, in health and well-being in Thurrock, to help shape the future.

The aim of health reform is closer integration of services, less bureaucracy with decision-making as close as possible to the patient and service user or citizen.

Feedback from the event will be evaluated along with plans for developing the forum, including future themed events.


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