Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Courses being dropped fear as Thurrock Lib-Dems call on South Essex College to rethink proposals

Moving the South Essex College campus from the current location at Woodview to Grays Town Centre could mean important and valued course being dropped, Thurrock Liberal Democrats have warned.

They have added that it is unclear whether the new site will have enough floor space to accommodate many of the vocational and trade courses such as engineering, bricklaying and carpentry that are available at the current campus.

Commenting on the concerns, local Lib Dem campaigner Claire Jones said: “People I have spoken to across Thurrock have expressed their concerned that these courses will be dropped.

“With youth unemployment at the rate it is in the borough, this is no time to be reducing access to vital courses that will assist young people in getting a job.

“The young people of Thurrock deserve better than the uncertainty caused by this unpopular relocation.

“I call again on South Essex College to rethink their proposals.”


  1. Its obvious that the plan will be to drop courses then claim that ‘all’ courses can run from the new campus in the town centre. The fact remains that this college should not move and the council should be urging the college to stay put at Wood view.

    I understand the need to redevelop Grays town centre but this is not the best way to do it. I would build a smart block of flats in the town centre which could then be let out by the council to decent people who (who work) will look after their properties and spend money in the shops.

  2. Bernard87, I was with you there until your last sentence! Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with you but you should know by now that any ‘smart’ block of flats in Grays town centre will NOT be let to the decent people you speak of. The council will see to that. Now, if a private firm built them for purchase by decent folk, that would be another matter.

  3. The campaign against this development is gaining much momentum, particularly with the residents’ petitions daily increasing local support:
    This scheme to provide better educational facilities for our upcoming youngsters should be a project enjoying widespread support, but as it is, it is only the bureaucrats and bankers who seem keen on the idea. I wonder why?
    The collective common sense of the community can see the flaws, not just in the desecration of high-quality green space and the multi-million pound LOANS to fund it, (how much borrowed, at what interest rate paid to Barclays bank and what will be the total payback from the public purse?) But also, more worrying for many, is the uprooting of the wholesome freshfield site at Woodside Tec’ and our vulnerable youngsters then rubbing shoulders with the poor drunks, druggies and deluded of Grays Town!
    The public authorities here have good intentions, as do SE College, TB Council and the soon to go Development Corporation (DC). However, it seems they have rushed ahead and lost their way: creating their own ‘artificial timetable’, leaving residents behind, with little time for meaningful public engagement and scrutiny. Is it not too late to pause – to take local folk with ’em, or, will the allure of a debt-laden college be just too strong to resist? I hope for the former but expect the latter – and I hope I’m wrong.


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