Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New campus will enhance courses say college

SOUTH ESSEX COLLEGE have reacted to criticisms from the Thurrock Lib Dems that the relocation of the college from Woodview to Grays town centre will see a reduction in courses.

A spokesperson for the college said: “Far from reducing courses in these areas, we will be enhancing and improving them. For example, we will have new and improved brick, engineering and carpentry workshops and will also be able to offer improved provision of courses to local employers.

“The proposed new build in Grays Town Centre will also be home to exciting new offers, such as a sustainable technologies centre. All these areas will include better facilities and with it a better skilled future local workforce.”


  1. Such courses it seems have been running successfully for many years at Woodside – Thurrock Tec’. It begs the question What has changed? Why not ‘enhance’ the courses there? There’s plenty of space to expand and improve this wholesome fresh field site compared with the cramped, sad and ‘seedy’ centre of Thurrock. Where would you choose for your vulnerable young son or daughter to learn? – you decide…

    I don’t give a flying fig for party politics but I do believe our post war forefathers got it right in sighting the Thurrock Tec’ at Woodside – next door to the popular and successful Palmers College.

    This scheme has few friends, the tide of public opinion is moving fast against it…

    I hope that the college Governors have the wisdom and foresight to see what others do – desecration of a great green site – diving into the international ‘debt pool’, with loans and slick deals, then sending our youth downhill to Grays…

    Change course now Governers! before its too lat …


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