Monday, July 22, 2024

…..and Kirk gets the boot from Celebrity Big Brother

TOWIE star and Thurrock resident, Kirk Norcross was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night. Kirk was tipped to win but the voting system may have confused a lot of his fans as you have to vote to keep people in and not to boot them out.

The TOWIE star even quizzed: ‘Was my number working?’ – suggesting that the phone line fans used to call in and vote for him may have been faulty.

Whilst in the house, Kirk was hardly the shining ambassador for Thurrock as he made a total embarrassment of himself in a task which involved finding the names of Essex places around the world.

The former St Clere’s student was somewhat handicapped as he did not recognise a map of the world and failed every task.

But what he lacked in brains, he gained in manners and personality as the nice guy made more friends and more fans.

He is sure to continue, living the reem.


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