Friday, April 12, 2024

Tories probe T-Fest accounts

A SENIOR Conservative councillor has questioned the quality of the accounts for the annual festival in Thurrock called T Fest.

Orsett councillor, Mike Revell told the full council meeting that he had seen a set of accounts.

He said: “I am using T Fests accounts as an example of the type of accounts that, under new guidelines, will simply not pass inspection.

“If any private business produced this set of accounts then they would be jumped on by the inland revenue.

“I will take one entry for example which says Artists and agents: £19,588. Where are the bills, where are the receipts?”

Council leader, John Kent rejected the criticism.

He said: “If cllr Revell checks his e-mails, he will see that a full explanation is given there.”


  1. Cllr. Revell? is probing but not accounts i can assure you. some of us cant afford a holiday so i guess we shouldnt look forward the only thing put on for free by this Council. I’m moving to southend!!!

  2. i can’t stop laughing all old geezer probes, what a great headline that would be. Great event and well supported by everyone in Thurrock. Gets better each year. Reem can you suggest he probe his emails Ha Ha Ha. Well done kent.

  3. Maybe the accounts should be put in the public domain so that we can all see them, that way there would be no issues with how they are kept

  4. Wasn’t this Revell fellow and the Orsett Tory branch at the centre of a probe for accountancy problems a few years ago. I seem to remember an awful amount of press coverage about it.

  5. Colin i think it was Revell and something to do with a probe on tory accounts. But also loads of other probes of tories in this borough if you remember the behaviour of three Thurrock councillors, including deputy mayor Cllr Eddie Hardiman, was probed by the Borough Council. I think this incident included what was described in the press as the theft of two bottles of wine. The cheek of these people, disgraceful behaviour by the conservatives in this borough. Then there was the probe of the former Tory Mayor who as at the Centre of the lorry park probe. I don’t know if Revell is up for elections this May but hopefully we can let him know what we think then.

  6. Gary a case of conservatives trying to score points against labour just before the elections, things like this shouldnt get political. Didnt the council’s chief account get sacked a few weeks back???? maybe they need a proper accounts dept. The event is great i was at it last year, and there were loads of volunteers with buckets asking for donations to help cover the cost. so i dont event think the council funds the bloody thing (and they should). Great event been nothing like it for years around here. Well done to kent for telling him where to stick it.


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