Tories believe Labour misled them over booze zones

CONSERVATIVE Councillors in Ockendon and Little Thurrock are calling for an investigation after discovering that the report to committees of both licensing and full council was factually incorrect. The six councillors, (Rob Gledhill, Tom Kelly, Joy Redsell, Ben Maney, Lynn Carr and Amanda Arnold) who have spent 18 months fighting for the booze ban were elated after Labour were embarrassingly forced into a U turn at Full Council on Wednesday night.

Cllr Gledhill said “It is appalling that the Labour administration have allowed a report to go into the public domain which is riddled with inaccuracies. We had been told that only police officers could enforce Designated Public Place Orders and that they could not support enforcing the booze ban due to limited resources, but it took five minutes on the internet to uncover the fact that both PCSO’s and accredited council officers could confiscate alcohol.

Add to that a poor consultation process and it is clear that rather than challenging officers, Labour are being led by the nose.”

Cllr Arnold, who put the original motion back in 2010 added “I am thrilled that we have finally got this through. Changing family behaviour and going for evictions and injunctions takes months, sometimes years.

“The PCSO’s who asked us to take this forward knew who they wanted to target and knew who they wanted to protect. This ban targets those over 18’s that thought they were untouchable. Those who have their lives ruined by anti-social behaviour will tell you that they would not want anyone else to have to go through what they have – stress, anger, frustration, children who won’t eat, sleep or go outside.

“We need to respect that and understand that this is not a miracle cure, but an opportunity to deal with unacceptable behaviour in the street that undermines strong communities, damages families and isolates our most vulnerable residents”

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