Labour leader slams “hysterical” Tories over booze zones

LABOUR leader cllr John Kent has slammed the Tory group for “officer bashing” over the decision to impose no alcohol zones in the borough.

The decision was made last week at council.

Cllr Kent’s comments come after an advisory group counselled the councillors to not play out their disputes in the local media.

Cllr Kent said: “There they go again. Another hysterical press release and another bout of officer bashing.

I had hoped the days of trying to ridicule council officers were over. Thurrock Council suffered in so many ways when, the then ruling. Conservative group was unable to take responsibility for it’s actions

If an officer get’s something wrong – and they will, we all do – then it should be raised it in private not through a press release.

On this occasion if the Conservatives believed the report on the DPPO to be inaccurate they had plenty of time to have it clarified before the meeting, they could have raised it at the meeting – but no, they chose to wait and do it through the press. I think that tells you all you need to know about their real priorities.

The Labour Chair of the Licensing Committee, Mike Stone, in fact proposed – against the recommendation of officers – that DPPOs should be introduced in four areas of Little Thurrock and Ockendon.

The Labour Group was happy to support the move because we know only too well the misery drink fuelled nuisance causes many residents and hope the DPPO will prove to be a valuable weapon in the Police armoury.”

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