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Councillor gagged over campus move.

LITTLE Thurrock Blackshots Councillor Joy Redsell has lashed out at the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC) after it barred her from speaking on a planning application for the relocation of Thurrock College.

The Corporation met on Monday 6th February to consider plans for a new sixth form college in Grays town centre, something which can only happen if the existing Woodview Campus in Blackshots is sold for the development of 362 houses. This will be the subject of a later application.

Councillor Redsell said, “The plans for the relocation of the college have a direct impact on the ward I represent and it is appalling that as an elected councillor I was unable to address the committee on what were some important issues. If the college does move to Grays we all hope it will be successful but it is too important that the voices of local councillors and their residents are heard in this process too.

What is worse is that I notified the Development Corporation of my desire to speak several days before the meeting but received an e-mail just a few hours before the meeting saying I couldn’t do so. I wasn’t even told properly why I had been prevented from speaking.

This is outrageous and to me it illustrates the contempt that this unelected quango has for local democracy”.


  1. I’m sure Your Thurrock will gladly give a voice to the ‘gagged’ Councilor Redsell so she can eloquently voice those concerns that the evil unelected Development Corporation quango prevented her from giving at the planning meeting. I’m sure residents would love to hear why she is so against the Woodview site being sold off by the council for housing.

    Of course her current objections are very curious as she has twice voted for the it to be council policy that the Woodview site is sold off for housing when she voted for the draft local development framework policy on the 27th January 2010 and again on the 21st December 2011.

    Perhaps YourThurrock could interview her and ask her how she can be such a Janus and vote for the development on the 21st December 2011 and then actively campaign against the plans with residents just a few weeks later?

    I’m sure she can explain why she is a Janus, as for the life of me I can’t figure out how she can vote for something then campaign against it, but I don’t expect you will get a straight answer.

  2. Dear editor. After a hard day at work and having to endure these long cold winter evenings you warm the cockles of everyone’s heart with your light humored stories about Thurrock council’s most prominent councillor.

  3. How an earth is this councillor Redsell not suspended pending the outcome of a police investigation. How she is still allowed to sit in on the local council meetings? Why Councillor Phil Anderson hasn’t s suspended her until the outcome of the theft enquiry. Cllr Anderson has spoken up many times in the local press for this member over her activities and conduct. A good leader would await the decision and be unbiased not comment in the local press any time he can get publicity for himself. You are meant to set a good example to our youth of today so if the outcome isn’t what you want!! You should stand down has you have been very vocal about this whole situation when you should have been unbiased. Councillor Redsell of course her objections are very probing as she has twice voted Woodview site is sold off for housing when she voted for the draft local development framework policy on the 27th January 2010 Cllr Anderson you have continuously pleaded this Cllr is part of a smear campaign what will happen IF SHE IS GUILTY will you resign I feel has a parent you are a poor role model because you have many young members in your group that you should show good guidance to. You ought to show some moral restraint instead of trying to score political points how an earth this councilor redsell keeps giving press interviews is beyond me. Years ago the political groups would have not tolerated such abuse to their political parties and embarrassment what standards are you setting for the young residents of Thurrock WHAT DOES SUSPENSION MEAN IN POLITICAL groups can someone enlighten me please?. I am not saying this councilor is guilty but please where is the code of conduct and when this councilor was suspended she was still in the local council committee meetings and talking in full council WHAT DOES SUSPENTION MEAN

  4. Hot Press, It is my understanding that the Police made their enquiries and handed their findings to the CPS who ruled that there was no case to answer. Therefore, that being the case, there is no reason why Mrs Redsell can’t continue in her position. With regard to your points on Mr Anderson, when was the last time any political leader waited for decisions on anything or made unbiased statements? They all do it, no matter what Party they represent. Should politicians behave in a more moralistic way? Defintely. Will they? Sadly, no.

  5. Gray64 this article was posted on this website

    Essex police spokesperson said today (Tuesday): “A senior detective has reviewed the case papers, and Essex Police has decided that they will appeal the CPS decision, and the appropriate paperwork will be filed imminently.”

    So I can’t understand your comment regarding Cllr Redsell saying there is no case to answer for. Is this not a decision for the appeal process of CPS that’s why I question Cllr Redsell still being able to continue her position she should be on suspension untill we have the appeals findings if she is to be charged or not

    Furthermore this is serious because a senior detective is appealing the CPS first decision . I AM SURE WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE HER UNTILL THE DECISION IS MADE FROM THE CPS but surly if this was another member of the public who worked in marks and Spencer’s would she still be allowed to carry on working in the store “No ” and especially if you are a councillor in public office would this not be even more reason for councillor Anderson to wait instead of being so Vocal. He should be setting an example and waiting for response because he is also in public office I know you might not agree with me grays64 and I do respect your comments but this is a disgrace how cllr Anderson is Vocal I just hope he does not end up with egg all over his face and has to resign its a bit more then morals it setting a good role model for the younger generation .

  6. Surely Thurrock council have a code of conduct and the legal department should suspend her untill the outcome from the CPS

  7. Hot Press, you need to calm down about this. Firstly, it is irrelevant that the Police have appealed the decision by the CPS because, until such time as an appeal is upheld, there is no case to answer. It isn’t a case of being put on suspension until a crime has been proven, it’s a case of there is nothing to suspend her for because there is no case against her. That may change but until it does there is nothing to get excited about.

    Secondly, you are extremely hypocritical when you proclaim in capital letters “I AM SURE WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE HER UNTILL THE DECISION IS MADE FROM THE CPS” and then spend your entire piece judging Cllr Redsell before a decision is reached. You can’t have it both ways. I agree with you about Cllr Anderson but John Kent is no better, they could all do with growing up a bit if you ask me.

  8. The problem is that the conservatives are always shouting about standards, and then in this case it appears that standards are not required. The no alcohol zones is a good example. with the conservatives blasting officers, and calling for investigations into their errors so if standards are so important Cllr Redsell should stand suspended. Cllr Anderson does not seem to have a handle on his group or his members and he needs to call them to account. Both parties are always in the press, there is no mention of actual politics or what they have done to make Thurrock better.

  9. The Development Corporation will go shortly and the Master Plans will likely be absorbed into the Thurrock Council Local Development Framework which has has been agreed and discussed by Councillors and Residents in the last few years. However, the Local Development Framework needs to a living Document open to review and scrutiny. There is little information on how this can be achieved. Little Thurrock Forum (Rectory Ward) are gravely concerned about the infrastructure issues impact on Woodside / Chadwell Road. We have registered our interests over a year ago. However, the South Grays University needs finance as the original package seems to have fell foul of the LSC – Learning Skills Council Finance collapse a year ago. However, the residents issues with infrastructure need addressing. Woodview campus could have been rebuilt and together with Palmer’s continue to exist as the Borough’s main Education zone.

  10. Very interesting to know Vince. So thats why the college have now sought to sell the land and build a new campus in the town. I did wonder why the college was funding the rebuild by selling the land to developers. Its ironic that in Thurrock we will attempt to squash a college in to the town centre and in Havering/Epping Forest/Redbridge/Barking they go as far to keep colleges away from town centres and expand on their current sites.


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