Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Both Thurrock MPs vote for “The biggest cuts to police funding for a generation.”

BOTH THURROCK MPS have backed controversial proposals for “the biggest cut to police funding for a generation.”

Jackie Doyle-Price and Stephen Metcalfe both voted to approve the Police Grant Report (England and Wales) for 2012-13.

Presenting the bill on Wednesday in the House of Commons, minister for policing, Nick Herbert said: “This Government inherited the largest budget deficit in our peacetime history. The deficit needs to be reduced, which means less spending across the public sector, and the police service must play its part.”

The vote comes as a bitter blow to policing in Thurrock which is already under severe strain. Thurrock has seen a massive spike in burglaries in areas such as South Ockendon. Council officers have also reported a huge increase in anti-social behaviour and public order in Purfleet and Tilbury.

Basildon magistrates court is packed every single day with a large number of cases from Thurrock. It would be overflowing but for the fact that a large number of cases are either released without charge, don’t pass the CPS 80% thresholds or are products of a “triage” system.

Police officers in Thurrock have both privately and publicly signed the police federation petition: “The cuts are criminal.”

Responding to the news, prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Labour), Polly Billington said:
“It’s deeply worrying that in Essex, police officers have been cut – we are losing more than any other force in the East of England. This is bound to have an impact. I am worried not only how it will affect serious and low level crime in Thurrock, but also the effect it will have on the morale of ordinary police officers serving in Essex Constabulary. Quite frankly, David Cameron and his Home Secretary Theresa May should think again and put public safety first.”

The Essex figures are part of wider research showing that 90% of the police officers cut are from the front line.

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, said:

“The Prime Minister’s claim that the proportion of front line officers has gone up was both wrong and out of touch.

“Over 4,000 officers have gone from front line jobs in the first year of the Tory-led Government alone.

“And these new figures from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Police also show that 9 out of 10 of the total police officers lost in the first year were from frontline jobs. That means the proportion of officers on the front line has fallen too.

“This Government is cutting the police too far and too fast. We have continually warned that cutting 20% from the police budget and cutting 16,000 police officers across the country would have a damaging impact on the front line.

“The Government should switch to our plans for a 12% cut to the police budget so that the number of police officers and front line services can be protected.

“The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary need to set out a plan to cut crime instead of just cutting police officers.

“Personal crime, including theft, robbery and violence, has gone up by 11 per cent over the last year – the steepest increase for over a decade. This is a terrible time to cut 16,000 police officers. The Tory-led Government is out of touch with communities on crime and public safety, and they need to think again.”

Jackie Doyle-Price and Stephen Metcalfe are unavailable for comment.


  1. I wish Your Thurrock would stop ruining my day by showing comments from members of the ‘Political Amnesia’ party otherwise known as Labour! The public should not forget that the only reason the government are cutting everything is due to Labour and their endless spending. The public sector was massively enlarged as a way to give people jobs, not because we needed a larger public sector. Had they not wasted millions on pointless wars and benefit scoungers to name a few things then we would not have to have such deep cuts.

    I’m also tired of hearing the clapped out line “too far and too fast” its a stupid catchphrase which does more to annoy then try to muster any sympathy/support. The reality is that the police budget needs to be cut, no-one wants to have less police about and almost everyone in the country respects the hard work that they put in, especially in Thurrock where I feel much safer then the Labour utopia I moved out of in London.

    The emphasis should be on how are we going to make the police more effective, and this starts with getting police out of the stations and onto the streets patrolling and getting to know the communities they serve. In all the years that we had a Labour government who was chucking money at everyone crime rocketed, especially in London and unfortunately stabbings became the norm so I will never trust Labour to keep us safe.

  2. And I’m also tired of hearing Tories always blame the former goverment for everything!
    I can well remember Maggie encouraging everyone in a council home to buy it, which I did, but all of a sudden I was having to service a 16% interest morgage!
    Now I hope that with a lesser Police force, burgulars turn their attention to our MP’s!

  3. we should expect political differences on this issue, but when you get home and there is a burglar in your house mugging your family and you dial 999 and only get an automated reply ‘please hold the next available operator will answer your call’ remember that your two local conservative MP’s voted for these cuts. it is shameful to make such savage cuts to the public sector and police. They do a great job for the community and these jobs should be protected. But not to worry just a few more years and the court of public opinion will decide on the next government. i have a feeling we will be seeing more red roses.

  4. Trisca – Your comment could not be more correct!
    I thought that we had a WORLD recession, not a UK one.
    Perhaps our MP’s should lease Robocop as a more viable option!

  5. Nobody likes cuts to public services but something has to be done to get this country out of the mess it is in, we cannot expect the Bank of England to keep pumping more money as part of quantative easing, the last government left the country in a state of near bankruptcy through trying to spend their way out of debt.

    Unfortunatley these cuts will harm the country in the short term, it is not only the police but our armed forces that will suffer, maybe the Police should start looking at their top level officers and see where that can be thinned out rather than the foot bobbies that patrol the streets, also new practices need to be put in place with regards to modernising the police service, at present the local police officer spends far too much time back in the station dealing with paperwork after an arrest, I am sure that within the USA the police file all their reports from the car thus giving them more time on the streets.

    Also if the Magistrates and Crown Courts started to dish out sentences correctly we would have less criminal walking the streets after being given a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again…

    Trisca & jmw118 whilst Milliband is in charge of the Labour party I cannot see may people being swayed by him, he is too weak willed and a wet leader, also whilst the party continue to bow down to the Union demands at the drop of a hat as they are the main paymasters they will never really progress out of the dark ages

  6. Let’s be honest here, Tories are the party of small Government (including slimmed down police force, there is no miners strike this time) the Tories are true to their ideology and Labour are the party of decent,well financed public services.

    In fairness it is a clear choice between left and right. Like most of Joe Public, I don’t have much time for politicians who do little else other than denigrate, abuse, rubbish one side or the other just to promote themselves.

    in May 2010 the great British public selected the former not the latter. Public sector never a good place to work when Tories in power Mind you if Labour was re elected they may have just had to do a bit of fiscal consolidation as well. Meanwhile us mugs who pay for it all must get on with it until we get our chance again in May 2015.

  7. The spoon fed followers of the labour paty are not going to like having to get up and make their lives better for themselves, but that is what is now needed from everybody, stop moaning, stop blaming everyone else and get off your fat ar”es and make your own decisions

  8. it is easy to disrespect the many hard working people of this country that find themselves without a job due to these savage cuts. the police provide a real service and it is childish politics to think people are just moaning about the lack of jobs or opportunities. jmw118 makes the right call. This is a world recession and where exactly do people think these jobs will come from? in Thurrock we nearly had Carl Morris a local labour man that understood the area. it was a matter of a few votes, lets hope he comes back at the next round. neither Jackie Doyle-Price or Metcalfe have the local understanding to represent this area. This is a slap in the face for all the hard working men and women in blue that protect this community. At a time when we need investment in the community, bringing the community together, these politicians continue only to represent their own self interest. it will not be forgotten quickly by residents.

  9. I have said this before, there are no ‘cuts’. We are slowing down the rate of borrowing and that’s all. That’s the truth. What we are seeing is a reduction in the spending of money we didn’t have in the first place, money we were borrowing to fund our indolent lifestyles. The fact is, as a country, we have been living way beyond our means and we had to rein in the stupid levels of spending. Without the reduction in borrowing we end up like Greece. That is also the truth. So, irrespective of who or what caused us to be in this position we are where we are and it has to be dealt with.

  10. Trying to tell Labour supporters that it was their party who dug us into this hole in the first place is a complete waste of time and energy as they have all forgotten politics pre 2010.

  11. The recession is definately a global one jmw118 and so Britain would have fallen into recession regardless, but the severity of the situation may not have been as severe had Labour reigned in on their spending. I find it completely arrogant to spend the nations wealth away on things like more benefits for those who chose to not work, foriegn aid and selling off a portion of our gold reserves for a fraction of their market value then write notes to the incoming government that there is ‘no more money left’.

    Locally Labour wasted money, particularly with the Thurrock TG DC which was created to build houses and increase the Labour vote in Essex, a county known for supporting the Conservatives, and placing people from inner London into these areas. I also fail to see what good the local Labour group have done for Thurrock and its environment other than attempt to keep it prospering.

    As for police cuts, as I said I would rather no cuts to police but I understand the need to save money and get government agencies working within a reasonable, or sustainable, budget. The police will have to change the way they work and getting officers out of the station and onto the streets in one way. Another way is what a poster has said, acutally punish people properly to try and prevent them continuing with a life of crime which drains police resources.

  12. Ok lets connect the dots a labour cllr is criticised for his social stance, we are in a recession a big social issue, crime is a growing social concern in Thurrock. What has any conservative administration done to sort out these social problems. last year we witnessed the riots and the social problems under this conservative government. locally there is no attempt from the conservative side to recognise that normal hard working people now fear for their safety and so our local MP’s vote to cut police budgets.

    The problem with the conservatives in Thurrock is that they have no regard for the concerns of regular hard working people. is it Gary Hague, or Ben (loony) Maney, St Clair-Haslam or Cllr Anne Cheale or Sue Macpherson or the right wing activist locally known as Cllr M. Revell or Redsell. To be honest in this universe any other alternate universe the Thurrock conservative party is a party of back stabbing, self serving politicians. Why do you think their previous leader walked over the Labour party. Bernard 87 the Labour party had nothing to do with the DC and the DC has added nothing to the development of Thurrock. i will take a few lines from C100boyz: ‘I don’t have much time for politicians who do little else other than denigrate, abuse, rubbish one side or the other just to promote themselves’.

    The problem is that neither party really does anything to address social issues but rather they spend most of their time in the press scoring points, doing nothing of any note for anybody. Clueless jumps to mind, the hope is that intelligent politicians like Kent and Anderson may yet turn things around. it is a matter of principle and integrity and i have a feeling that the one with most of these qualities will prevail.

  13. Some good points made Gary.

    As I have said all along, I would rather no cuts be made to police and would probably rather the police force being expanded to be honest, but I understand why the budget needs to be cut. Our MPs understand that the police couldn’t carry on as they were and that we shoukd should be being more efficient with the police we do have, making sure areas which are currently seeing an increase in crime in Thurrock have a noticeable police presence.

    I think people in the UK need to start realising that we need to go back to the days when we all lived within our means and that means cutting budgets, getting smaller mortgages and not spending money that we do not have – surely that has got to be a good thing?

  14. I agree Benard87 and what i appreciate is the debate and interesting views you bring to these issues. I accept your point that we couldn’t carry on as we were before and you are right we have to live within our means. Lets hope all our local politicians now focus on working together to help sort these problems out.

  15. Gary, Bernard87, I really do hope with you that our local politicians can work to make Thurrock a safer and more pleasant place to live, but I have to say my concerns about the Labour party must remain, as shadow chancellor Ed Balls has just stated that we should give everybody a 3% tax break for 12 months to stimulate the economy. As a statement it did make me listen, until he was asked how he would pay for it,? replying “borrow the money”!!!!!!!!! Has this party not learnt anything? It is no wonder that we are facing cuts when this kind of practice is encouraged by labour. Sorry I know it doesnt relate exactly to this report but it really is worth talking about.

  16. “Lets hope all our local politicians now focus on working together to help sort these problems out” – I agree Gary.

    Chickenfeed – A good idea in theory but one the UK cannot afford.


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