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UFO’s and alien abduction in Aveley?

THERE ARE certain areas of the country that seem to be hotbeds of UFO sightings and tales of alien encounters. (Is it a slow news day?-Ed)

Aldershot, Woodbridge and Denny in Scotland to name just a few.

Our google alert system at YT picked up two stories this week. One, a story from 1974 and another a film made in Aveley last week.

This is a bit of a fishing expedition but if this all sounds a bit familiar to you, then let us know. We did ask cllr Wendy Herd (born 1974-ain’t saying nothing!) if she would allow any alien life forces to land on the green belt. She didn’t comment. Well, she did but it wasn’t printable!

Here is the 1974 story, courtesy of sjhwordpress) and below is the film of the “UFO” that has captured over 10,000 views in four days on youtube.

“The alleged alien abduction that occurred near the village of Aveley, Essex, England, in 1974 is intriguing because it involves the abduction of an entire family, something that is relatively rare in the UFO field. And yet it isn’t that well-known outside UFO circles. When I looked up Aveley on Wikipedia I found no mention of this bizarre incident whatsoever, which is unusual for them as any odd happenings do tend to get included in articles about places. In fact, going by the Wiki article you would think that nothing had happened in Aveley since the Doomsday Book, and that it’s biggest claim to fame is that John Newton, author of ‘Amazing Grace’ lived there.

John and Elaine Avis (psuedonyms), aged 29 and 25 respectively, had been visiting relatives at nearby Harold Hill, on 27 October 1974, along with their three children, Kevin, Karen and Stuart. They left at 9:50 PM, as there was a TV programme John wanted to see, which was due to start at 10:20. That half-an-hour should have reasonably given them plenty of time to drive the few miles home.

On the drive home Karen and Stuart were asleep on the back seat of the car, but 7-year-old Kevin was awake. He was in fact the first one of the family to notice something out of the ordinary, when he saw a blue oval light travelling alongside the car. As they approached Aveley the light passed in front of the car and vanished.

It was now 10 o’clock. The family were getting concerned, as things were starting to go rather strange. All noise inside the car seemed to have stopped, and the car-radio had begun to smoke, causing John to try and rip it out. A block of green mist then enveloped the car. They drove out of the peculiar fog-bank, and things returned to normal.

When they reached home John stayed in the car to try and put the radio back together, and Elaine took the children indoors to put them to bed. She was shocked to find that it was now one in the morning. The family were very tired the next day, but decided not to put any further significance on their strange homeward journey.

Over the next few months though things their lives took an unexpected turn. John had a nervous breakdown just before Christmas, which forced him to give up his job. Kevin – who previously had had trouble with reading at school – suddenly improved. The whole family (except Stuart) turned vegetarian, as curiously they said they were now put off by the smell of meat. John had previously been a heavy smoker, but now abstained from cigarettes completely.

There were also unnerving incidents around the family home. Objects went missing from the house, a loud droning noise was heard (usually after midnight), and peculiar clicking noises heard in some of the rooms. The telephone was also said to have acted oddly (UFO witnesses have often spoken of strange phone calls, or odd clicking noises on the line, somewhat similar to when a phone is tapped perhaps). One of the children claimed to have seen a man “dressed like a clown” standing beside his bed.

By the middle of 1977 the family decided it was time to get some closure on the strange events of that October night. They contacted UFO investigators, Andy Collins and Barry King. John and Elaine told them they had experienced vivid weird dreams since that night, often concerning strange creatures and hospital operating-theatres.

The couple agreed to undergo hypnosis, and there revealed an almost textbook alien abduction scenario. Their car had been pulled upwards by a beam of light, and once aboard a strange craft they were medically examined by 4ft high creatures, who resembled birds. Taller entities, wearing one-piece suits and balaclava-style helmets, seemed to be in charge of the ship.

If you want a classic UFO case, with all the right ingredients in place, then it would seem that the Aveley Abduction is it, even down to the creepy incidents at the family home. It is far from unusual for UFO witnesses to report subsequent poltergeist activity afterwards. All in all, a very intriguing case. I also found on reading up further about this case, was that John had had a previous UFO sighting whilst out driving one night in 1968. Again, this isn’t unusual. Witnesses can sometimes have a lifetime of Sightings behind them, and may even have been prone to unexplained psychic phenomena.”


  1. No idea who is making the film, and I can tell you the the Abduction was real, and that those involved do not care if anyone believes or not. The experience was life changing and it was not in anyway a threat. Not one penny was earned from the report nor have the family co, operated with any author apart from confirming the initial report by Andrew Collins.


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