Friday, October 7, 2022

Breaking News: Huge fire in Tilbury scrapyard

Update: 2355 hrs:


Update: 0005 hrs

The QinetiQ robot has arrived at the incident and tests will be carried out on the acetylene cylinders to determine how safe they are and if they are likely to explode.

ECFRS Fire Control received approximately 60 calls this evening from the public to alert the fire service that there was a major fire in Hume Avenue.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage, ECFRS and the police will carry out an investigation.

Update: 2340 hrs

C2C trains have resumed running through Tilbury.

Around 50 residents have arrived at Gateway Academy. 600 were expected.

Local councillor, Lynn Worrall said: “Police are door knocking and offering residents alternative accommodation for the night. Well organised plan implemented by police ,Thurrock Council and volunteers who are at the emergency centres.”

Update: 2230 hrs.

Command centre established at Gateway Academy.

Incident Command says warehouse is 50 x 50, numerous cars on fire.

Still tackling blaze.

C2C diverted.

Update 20:45hrs:

The Incident Commander reports, that there are an unknown quantity of acetylene cylinders involved in the fire and a 200 metre exclusion zone is now in place surrounding the incident. Crews are tackling the blaze.

2030 hrs:

FIRE CREWS were called to a scrap yard in Tilbury.

Several fire crews were called to Hume Avenue in Tilbury

Crews reported that the fire is in a large warehouse and ten cars are on fire.

Crews are evacuating neighbouring properties as there is a possibility that cylinders are involved in the fire.

More to follow.

Photo courtesy of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


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