Saturday, September 24, 2022

Thurrock pre-payment meter customers could be paying £170 more

BARONESS SMITH of Basildon rose on the floor of the House of Lords to question and express her concern at the cost of pre-payment meters.

Baroness Smith said:

“My Lords, some of the people who I most worry will not be able to afford the heating they need are those on pre-payment meters. The noble Baroness, Lady Stowell, told me in a Written Answer on 19 February that pre-payment meter customers now pay on average £20 less than standard credit customers for gas and electricity.

“However, Charles Hendry, the Minister in the other place, told MPs that in 2011 pre-payment meter customers would pay on average £90 more than direct debit customers and a maximum of £170 more.

Therefore, pre-payment meter customers pay more. Will the Minister explain why pre-payment meter customers pay less for their energy but so much more for their bills, and what can be done to ensure that those who have the least are not paying the most?


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