Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A community mourns the death of Gary Coombs

BEFORE WE write anything, we must confirm that we understand from information received that South Ockendon man, Gary Coombs has passed away. If we are wrong, then we do apologise. Frankly, to write anything, based on the limited information that we have is somewhat unprofessional but, based on the comments on another “newspapers” website, we felt we had to make some effort to put the record straight.

YT understands that Gary Coombs, 46, Benyon Close, South Ockendon, was the person found by the railway lines near Ockendon on Sunday morning.

Gary was certainly much loved among many communities, especially the music crowd. His friends down at the Open mic group at Burtons in Grays knew him and loved him.

Gary had also been involved in a lot of charity work in the Thurrock area including a hike along the South Downs way for Ockendon youngster, Leon Wray.

Gary went missing in August 2010 but returned home a few days later. Whatever the pain and whatever the circumstance, we wish him well, on the onward journey.

All we can say at YT is that the reporting of such incidents is beginning to happen far too often.

Once agin, if we are wrong, we do apologise.


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