Monday, September 26, 2022

Tories slam Labour for “Drowning out democracy”

CONSERVATIVE Leader, cllr Phil Anderson has expressed his dismay after Thurrock’s Labour administration published a 757 page agenda for their cabinet meeting to be held this Wednesday.

Cllr Anderson said: “We were expecting a hefty document because cabinet this month has to agree Thurrock Council’s budget for the whole of next year. This is a major task in itself that deserves their full attention.

“So I was amazed to see that they are also proposing to approve a new housing strategy, new community regeneration strategy, new asset management strategy, amalgamation of Stifford Clays Infants and Junior schools, and veterans’ charter, on the same evening.

“It is clearly impossible for the cabinet to give proper consideration to all of these issues in a single meeting.

“It is also impossible for us as an opposition to properly scrutinise all of these proposals at less than a week’s notice.

“So far we have found proposals to sell off 17 council buildings and village halls (they don’t say which ones), millions of pounds of changed and delayed expenditure, and increases in the prices of anything from sailing courses to council rents.

“I can’t work out whether they are just completely disorganised, or are trying to hide things from local residents in a forest of paper.

“Either way they are drowning out democracy, and it’s not acceptable”.


  1. Sounds to me like council leader John Kent is actually getting his highly paid officers to do some useful work. Keep up Cllr Anderson. That is what you get your opposition leader allowance for.

  2. Dear Labour cabinet members, we all know you read your Thurrock, so do us a favour and answer the following question. Have you read the entire agenda?

  3. There are 22 Conservative Councillors.

    The document should be split between the 22 so each councillor has 34 pages of the report to read.

    They can then have a meeting so each councilor can give a brief summary of the pages they have read and any issues of concern that needs further investigating.

    The Conservatives also have a tax payer funder Political Assistant, whose job it is to read such reports and give a synopsis of such documents to the Conservative group.

    One wonders what exactly the Conservatives Councillors and their Political Assistant do with themselves when they appear unable to analysis the documents going to Full Council amongst themselves.

    Perhaps they are spending too much time composing yet another whinging press release rather than sitting down and getting on with the job of being opposition councillors for which they receive over £200k in expenses every year.

  4. What are the Tories worried about. If there is anything hidden that the comrades are trying to hide before the elections then let them vote it all through. Take the time between now and the elections to find out what the issues are, if any, then publish all the dodgy stuff around the time of the elections. This could be a gift horse if they’re right.

  5. It doesn’t matter how much money you are paid or what side of the political spectrum you come from, there is no way anybody can read (and more importantly, understand) a 757 page document in a week. It’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise. This is yet another window into the moronic world of TBC, they behave like spoiled brats and then they expect us all to take them seriously. Our council is a joke.

  6. Drowning out democracy i’m drowning in the relentless tory moaning and groaning. Cant they all just read the documents? it is not like any of them have anything better to do but moan, blah blah to the press, moan, blah blah to the press. If the labour group didn’t publish the document they wouldn’t have anything to complain about this week. Send them all to the house of commons to have a brawl. That should sort things out.

  7. I never heard Labour complain when the Tories used to issue similar sized reports when they ran Thurrock Council. And Gary Heart you are spot on with your comments.


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