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Ofsted brand Purfleet primary “Inadequate”

PURFLEET PRIMARY school has been classed as “Inadequate” by Ofsted and given notice to improve.

Purfleet primary in Tank Hill Road, Purfleet has been criticised on a number of levels by the government watchdog.

Among the criticisms are:

1.Over the past two years there has been significant instability at senior management level as well as disruption to staffing throughout the school. There have been three different headteachers and deputy headteachers, including two temporary appointments, since July 2009.

2. Since then several changes in leadership have had a damaging impact on pupils’ achievement and attainment. Many parents and carers lost confidence in the school’s ability to care for and educate their children, standards of behaviour deteriorated and attendance remained below average, while achievement and attainment plummeted. In 2010 and 2011 attainment in Year 2 and Year 6 was very low and as a result the majority of pupils left the school inadequately prepared for secondary education.

3.There is not yet enough good teaching to close the gap between pupils’ current achievement and their capabilities.

Where teaching remains less successful, teachers do not ensure work is sufficiently challenging for all groups of pupils and teaching methods do not always stimulate pupils’ learning. Pupils’ basic skills remain inadequate, and this has a negative impact on their future economic well-being.

4.The majority of lessons are not so well planned and an examination of pupils’ books confirms their limited and variable progress. Tasks are not always sufficiently challenging to extend pupils’ learning, partly because teachers’ expectations of what pupils can achieve are not always high enough.

However, the report also recognises the green shoots of recovery with positive references to the new management team; improved attendance and behaviour.

It states:

Since the current headteacher took up her post in September 2010, the situation within the school has stabilised and is now improving. Satisfactory care, guidance and support ensure that the pupils whose circumstances make them most vulnerable are able to play a full part in the school, and all pupils are kept safe.

Attendance has improved to an average level. Pupils’ behaviour has been significantly improved, and is now satisfactory; pupils understand the importance of safe and healthy lifestyles and make a satisfactory contribution to the school community.

Under the effective leadership of the headteacher, many changes have been made to the curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning has been improved. In the lessons observed during the inspection, teaching and learning were often satisfactory and in some cases good.

Provision and outcomes in the Early Years Foundation Stage are satisfactory. The inadequate teaching in older year groups is being eliminated by the headteacher’s drive to ensure staff adhere to whole-school strategies, such as marking pupils’ work constructively and setting clear targets. These improvements are beginning to raise attainment and improve achievement. In the best lessons, teachers explain what the pupils are expected to learn and use assessment information carefully to plan work for different ability groups.

Council bosses have come to the defence of the school.

A spokesperson said:

“The school and the council are working effectively in partnership to improve outcomes for all pupils. The latest Ofsted inspection acknowledges the high quality of leadership shown by the new headteacher and the many improvements already evident.”





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