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Tory young guns blast Labour over law and order

A TORY SPOKESPERSON on crime has slammed the Thurrock’s Labour representative on the Essex Police Authority for “push for an above inflation increase in the Police precept” only a few months after Thurrock Labour tried to cut the number of PCSO’s in Thurrock in their 2011/12 budget.

Clr Halden said: “In 2011 Conservative Councillors successfully blocked Labour’s disgraceful attempt to cut the number of PCSO’s in Thurrock.

“Yet in 2012 Cllr.Gerard Rice claims that Essex police need more resources. These are two very contradictory positions, and one must either assume that Cllr. Rice has realised how much his party erred last year, in which case I would welcome his change of heart, or else he is simply trying to face two different directions at once.

“I challenge Cllr. Gerard Rice to guarantee that his party won’t try to cut the police presence in Thurrock again and would ask him to explain his current stance when one considers that in 1993 there were 3,150 police officers in Essex and yet by the year 2000 there were only 2,800 police officers in Essex. Labour may have talked tough on law and order but their record was somewhat soft”.

Cllr. Danny Nicklen, Stanford East and Corringham Town, Thurrock Conservatives’ spokesman on Public Protection, added, “Cllr. Rice seems to be trying to be on both sides of the argument at once : In 2011 Thurrock Labour left local residents in no doubt that they are soft on law and order, and no amount of airbrushing will change that”.

Cllrs. Halden and Nicklen said they also looked forward to the introduction of Elected Police Commissioners who will make decisions about the Police Precept in a public forum, rather than by secret ballot, and who will be directly accountable to the public.


  1. PCSO funding from Thurrock Council should be cut.

    Other boroughs get the same number of PCSOs but don’t have to fork out a penny of additional funding.

    When Thurrock Council first paid for extra PCSOs we did get more Police on the beat but as community policing teams were rolled out across the County other areas got the same number of PCSOs without the local council having to pay for them.

    A quick FOI request to Essex Police will show the funding they receive from local authorities and PCSOs allocated per policing area across Essex.

    Thurrock tax payers are funding PCSOs that the Police should be providing without a council subsidy.

  2. Maybe they should Dave Peterson, but perhaps they cant, so are you stating that the people of Thurrock dont need the PCSO;s? The Labour adminstration tried to get rid of them once before, is that what they want to do again?

  3. This has got to be a joke isn’t this tory spokesperson the same cllr that was involved in the incident involving the disappearing wine? or was that another tory. Cllr Danny Nicklen has no credentials to be a spokesperson on crime i think he left school just recently. if he is the best person the tories can find to speak on crime God help us all.

  4. Chickenfeed – the £200k + Thurrock Council hands to the Police is voluntary. They can stop paying it whenever they want.

    Southend and Basildon get more PCSOs without handing over a penny extra of taxpayers money. No local authority in Essex pays for there PCSOs.

    As I explained earlier Thurrock, when it started paying this money did get more PCSOs than other areas, but as community police teams got rolled out across Esex other areas got the same number of PCSOs without paying extra cash to the Police for them.

    Both Labour and Conservatives are using the PCSO funding as a political football to show they suport the Police but both parties are blind to the fact they shouldn’t have to pay this extra cash in the first place.

  5. Dave Peterson,
    Clearly the labour group are using this as a political point scorer as they were the group who put forward a budget with the funding witdrawn then decided it didnt look good, so quickly tried to amend their original decision on budget night. Wasnt it the labour group who also peddled lies around the supposed selling off of Grays Beach?
    Clearly this administration has no ides of its own and can only “bandwagon” or peddle scaremongering tactics!!!


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