Saturday, September 24, 2022

Scheme to encourage choice of travel in Thurrock

THURROCK Council this week launches “Travel Thurrock”- a government-funded scheme which aims to encourage residents to think about their travel choices.

Thurrock Council wants as many local people as possible to get involved and sign up to receive regular updates about the scheme and the first 1,000 people to register will receive a free pedometer (to measure the number of steps they take and the calories they burn) whilst walking around Thurrock.

The council was awarded an additional £5 million from the government to be spent over four years and has been working hard to put everything in place so our travel choices will be more effective and efficient, easier, and cheaper in the years to come.

Working with public transport providers other partners including schools as well as the council’s own road safety, transport and highways teams, Travel Thurrock could have an impact on everyone’s lives.

One team has been out and about in the Grays Thurrock ward, talking to people on their doorsteps, at work or while they are out in order to get them thinking about how they travel and how they could make small practical changes to help save themselves money, time, and the environment.

A more concrete example — literally — is at the Blackshots roundabout in Socketts Heath. There a new pathway has replaced a well-worn pedestrian-made track which has been linked to the Toucan Crossing at the roundabout. New signs are due to go up over the next few weeks.

But Travel Thurrock is not only about advising on how to make journeys more sustainable and environmentally friendly, or building footpaths, it’s about making some real improvements to our travel system.

Cllr Andy Smith, portfolio holder for regeneration, said: “Over the next four years, the Travel Thurrock team will be making a real difference to how people get around Thurrock.

“Making more sustainable travel choices is important, but so are the planned improvements to our local infrastructure and public transport systems and I look forward to watching Travel Thurrock go from strength to strength.”

For more information on Travel Thurrock – Smarter Choices and how to get involved, go online to and register your email address to receive regular updates and to collect your free pedometer.


  1. You can tell the elections are on the way As certain faces pop up I have been waiting for Cllr A Smith to sort out the boy racers in west Thurrock for 3 years it was going to be a priority . And where has he been since the 2000 residents objected to the HGV I hope he will fight for the 2000 residents of West Thurrock and ask for a debate as he is our ward Cllr and has it is a Labour Ward where’s John Kent that’s the right picture ,Cllr smith holding walking boots because it seems to me that’s all he does is walk away for a long time the people in your ward NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP !!!!!!!! Where was our debate where was you not a word in the press and you are the portfolio holder for regeneration so you can say no to boy racers no to HGV being put in our Area full of nice new houses with back gardens for our children to play in with HGV fumes and noise pollution can we put our trust in LABOUR or the TORY GROUP

  2. This is a complete waste of time. There are better things in Thurrock for councillors to be looking at rather than ‘Travel Thurrock’.

    As for regeneration….Cllr Smiths party do not quite know what that means outside of mass housebuilding.

  3. This is a pointless excercise. Since the early 20th century, all of our towns and infrastructure have been put in place on the basis of people using cars as their preferred method of getting about. That will never change. Public transport can never be a true alternative because it can never be cheap enough, regular enough or direct enough to suit people’s needs. As for walking, the reality is that the majority have no wish to walk or are too lazy or unfit to walk very far.


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