Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Tilbury Power Station Fire: Inquiry set to begin

THE Environment Agency is set to launch an investigation into the fire at Tilbury power station.

One of the key questions will be whether the power station has complied with the conditions of its permit.

The fire service have confirmed this morning (Wednesday) that six pumps and crews remain on site.

Firefighters are continuing to maintain a blanket of foam on teh affected hoppers as fuel is removed.

Statement from Npower: “The fire which broke out on Monday mornng at Tilbury Power Station was brought under control early Monday afternoon.

Emergency services remained on site over night and will continue to monitor the situation and to provide assistance on site.

“Units 9 and 10, where the fire occurred, are being emptied of fuel. Unit 8 is currently generating energy in order to safely empty its hopper of any remaining biomass.

“We have begun a full internal investigation to determine the cause of the incident and will be reviewing the extent of the damage to the station over the coming days.

“Staff at the power station are returning to the site on Tuesday and we will continue to work closely with the emergency services.”


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